Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Novembers Burlesque Bustle!!

As ever in my usual fashion of uber belatedness, I offer to thee the tasty treats that were... The November issue of the Burlesque Bustle, Ooozing talent and some HUGE bras!! We stormed the stage for the night.

First lamb to the slaughter was the Delightful Diawa.. naked as ever and FINALLY doing one of her signature sets!! she opened the show in the only way she knows best!

Rocking the beats and scratching that fancy floor.. she whipped us into a frenzy along side Queens "Body Language" It was actually nice to have her doing the show with us for once!! I look forward to more!! you listening D!!

D.. subtle as ever..

Actual set order yet again evades me as I've a permanent nappy brain affliction so forgiveness as usual..
Chandra... What can you say about Chandra... not only does she constantly leave me slack jawed and drooling she also offers a hanky to wipe it with, how nice is that.. I honestly do not know how this woman is so creative.. I think she has hallucinogen's drip fed.. its the only way she can get these ideas!! With every show I think "how is she going to do better than that set!" And low and behold she manages to with the next one..  The amount of eye candy that woman can pack into that stage is unreal..

THATS where my toilet paper went!
With an utterly mesmerising collection of wonder on the stage to stare at agog, while she spun and hypnotised us alongside the tune "The Mystic's Dream" by Loreena McKennit, This really was a splendour to behold, with beautiful fonts fading in and out displaying messages while she just gracefully strutted in nothing but rope by the end! YES that looked painful!

Gimme an O!
One wonders what chaffing cream she uses?...
The new methods of eyebrow removal were not proving to be popular..
 Chandra I tip my hat to you.. you have perversely good skills.. and boy.. you sure know how to wow a crowd <3
She had  not realised her shih tzu was aflame at the end of its leash...
Hard as it is.. we have to follow that act...

Lucky for us though we have a secret weapon.. Dia.. yes it gets confusing with all the D's..
On her first performance of the night she appears held by a glorious puppet controller.. she pirouetted and pranced through a gorgeous song.. "Sleep Isabella" by Abney Park.. I wish to steal those eyelashes!
How else do I get these girls to work the hours they do!...

Curves Ahoy! when Rina took to the stage, in a fabulous boudoir style performance to Lucy Woodwards "Rag Doll" She sure can tease those boys!.. I do believe this was Rinas first ever set with us! what an entrance missy!! We look forward to the rest!

She tries unsuccessfully to convice us she is innocent... 

The time for one of Nics signature sets.. where you just never know whats going to happen, I fearfully took my place by her side.. "Ahhh this doesn't look too painful" I thought...Nice sandy desert, what could go wrong... only a nuclear bomb!.. after an enormous explosion we realised Vegas had hit.. what a cool set!! I really enjoyed this one!! Nic manages to surprise me.. and that's hard to do!erm... What started out quite hick and laid back along to Laurel and Hardy, turned into a leg kicking extravaganza complimented by The Dead Kennedys "Viva las Vegas" 

Dem Show gals are born from the harshest environments!
Vegas explosion.. feathers, chips and burgers.. what a way to go!

We were joyous when we heard Honey was making an appearance, When the curtain opened to the gorgeous set that beheld us, I think I heard a few "Oooooo's" from the crowd, in full Marie Antoinette glory just teasing us as to what awaited us beneath.. we watched in awe as time almost froze on the stage with the beautiful particles she used for this performance... The song she chose contrasted perfectly, Portisheads "Machine Gun"
The talc spreading was becoming an issue now..
Its MY fecking cake!
Simply mesmerising!

We had a fabulous second performance with Dias last offering, paired with the pounding Perfect Circle song "Counting bodies like sheep" This was just hypnotising, Fantastic set and look!

You just never know what you are going to find on the other side of that curtain...
Dia.. making tentacles hawt..

Another group set reared its fluffy and cute rear to the crowd with Miwas delicious diner and Rockabilly roll with Xtina's "Candyman" This was a hoot! Cute set cute outfits and a whole lot of attitude hopping all over the joint! Loved this!

Men scared easy these days of the diner dollies!

So.. I guess I have to make an appearance somewhere along the way in these shows.. Last but not least I dragged my butt out, splayed out on a car hood in nothing but undies and a fur coat I started my tirade against the rich boys...

Scratch on scratch off...
The Royal family if Heff had his way..
Rolling into the stage atop a car.. the hip rolling and ass swaying commenced.. paired with the dulcet tones of Lorde's "Royals" shimmying a plenty until time came to rip off the coat and retire to my throne, delusions of grandeur anyone?... 

AWAY bitches this is MY throne!
As ever a fabulous show had by all, Thank the lord for Chandra's snappy fingers for constantly providing me with proof this show happens every month, because my drawings would be shit!
Thank you to the lovely ladies for doing this with me, the creativity and imagination you all demonstrate each month is simply astounding, and I'm always so gooey for weeks at how lucky I am to have you under my roof to share these shenanigans with.
Awesome crowd, gosh how we love to try to entertain you all! Thank you so much for supporting our shows!
Thank you's to Sierra and Ellen for doing an excellent job fluffling the crowd for us.. your banter was hilarious!
Phew I can relax now.. Chandras been nipping at my heels to get this post done as shes dangling the xmas show post like a carrot to a donkey to get me to work harder.. eh Voila! *crunch crunch*
Much much love to you all <3

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