Monday, 5 September 2011

::September news...::

FINALLY... our regal big sister of the original LGC..with huge thanks to Chandra for her creations!
Well the day had to come.. where our little baby grew into the gorgeous swan that she is.. translated: the clubs had a makeover. So.. come one come all to marvel at our lovely new playhouse.. still as classy and fabulous as ever.. just a little more room to play in this time. Added in the mix is a wonderful snuggle corner complete with games area and full screen cinema with a choice of movies and the ever faithful youtube(screen is behind the wall so message me if needed) Some new additions of stagelights will now be included in our shows if we can decide what colour to pick eventually! Delightful chaises now await on either side of the stage area if youd rather lounge while you watch us..But in general were really pleased with how its turned out.. Also I'd like to introduce two new members to our troupe, the delectable Destiny.. and the fruity Feyth.. looking forward to these ladies showing us what they got..Well.. thats about all I got to offer on this one im afraid.. been a little absent the last few weeks so unfortunately I cant report on the latest shows.. but I can be sure that they were fabulous as ever :) Ok.. well thats all folks.. I shall report back asap.. much luv <3 xx