Our Venue

The Lady Garden Cabaret was born back in 2011, it started out as just another strip joint (shock horror!) Which.. after I discovered a little joint called "Ellies Burlesque" and the rest of the fabulous shows held at Viva La Glam, suddenly took a turn to the feathery side.. the poles were trashed and the shelves stocked with pastie glue!
A fabulous build was needed to host spectacular shows such as these but.. on a more Euro Friendly timezone! Lucky for us Chandra had started making builds (we didn't know her back then..yet!).. and her first Photo Stage was simply perfection!
We had our venue!

Our actual shows started in the March of that year, exciting times for us!
Our upgraded venue, a good few months down the line, was her next build the larger more busty sister of the little Photo Stage, which we still use to this day, with little tweeks over the years this has come to be the ultimate performance stage for us.

In May 2014 we had to up sticks and move across the water, after settling into our new location we decided to have a ground venue alongside the main Theatre.
This has become the Speakeasy Bar (pictured below)

So that's the history of the LGC up to early 2015..

Meet Maria. Hostess of the Lady Garden when nobody's there, and defender of the Madame's Bourbon. Or.. something like that.... She'll hand you an application if she's awake, too.

Ironically the 4th anniversary brought some changes about that we did not anticipate, however, they turned out to be not the worst. Lady Garden Cabaret moved to a new venue!

So after two weeks of re-decorating, LGC re-opened the doors with a new/old face at the new location on Pegasoi sim - Mary left to get a new job cause well.. her hair was too primmy ;)

Welcome to Lady Garden Cabaret's 5th Year in SL
We are super sad that this forced move shoved all of Chopsy's prims off the grid. But let's be honest - would you want us to throw the towel? Why of course not! We did our best to maintain the concept and overall mood she had been going for in all these years, and it didn't turn out all too bad, did it. 

Welcome to Lady Garden 2015! :D 

Come to take a seat :)


  1. lm please???? Im inworld and cant find it in search - this is BAD.

    1. I'm so sorry, we forgot to activate "show in search" after the move :P Thanks for the headsup!! The theater is at Pegasoi/122/112/2223