Here's a few glances into the Minxette's throughout the past years. Admittedly, I know there is others somewhere out there but it only dawned on me today to add a video page... so this page will be updated as they come back out of the woodworks... ;)

If you filmed any of our shows, or created clips of the troupe, we'd LOVE to hear from you!!

Our complete show from May 30th 2014 can be found here. There's just one word to describe this: SUPERNOVA!

This started with an absolutely incredible blast of colors, effects, lineup, PATRONS... omg I am still all buzzing just thinking about the fantastic! We hit the official LGC record to this day with 73 people at the show! 

This was an array of amazing, thanks to our fantastic lineup: Opening Group Number (choreographed by Chandra), SexyS, Gal & Rug's amazing duo, Miwa, Chandra, Ellie, Chopsy,  Rina, and Diawa.

Here's also a more close-up version of Gal & Rug's set filmed by Chopsy:

Thanks all for coming out to play tonight! I can't say "WOW" often enough!


Here's also a little show reel from Lady Garden's very original roots created by Chic Aeon in 2011. 

How much times have changed!! How much dance has advanced since! Just WOW.
We're still happy to have this little pearl of sl vintageness available to us :D 


And another of these vintage jewels by Chic Aeon from 2012 in this fast paced 30 second LGC show reel.   


  1. Any chance at posting the Tick tock crocodile video on here?? I heard it was amazing!!!

    1. Heya Kim, we filmed it, but it'll be a clip of all the dances at that show and are still waiting on it :)