Wednesday, 22 August 2012

..cause there is some more!

Everytime that curtain opens there's a surprise coming out. And since Chopsy covered most of the later show in her post, I'll add those pics of the first sets... um... only nearly a month later :P But at least it happened before the next show next week :D

Clio rocking it all cabaret style...
There's not so much I can add here text wise, it's all wrapped up quite nicely. Still sad i had to leave so super early cause best I can tell from the pics and Chic's video clip, it was a fantastic show!

Nothing sweet about me...
HoneyB juggeling the Fire!

And of course there's always reason for cake, so there shall be plenty! Here's the hell-freezes wedding dress as Chopsy put it so nicely *winks* Elise (who is the cake queen herself, just saying) missed this set unfortunately, so there might be a re-run eventually in the future.... if I didn't eat all the stage by then and won't fit in the dress no longer....

The icing of the cake - Dubstep meets Burlesque. ;)

Don't forget the next show upcoming August 31st - you'll regret it if you miss it, I promise!

Love&Kisses, laChandra