Friday, 31 January 2014

Getting closer to being up to date... Halloween 2013!! Our October Show...

Yes folks.. pretty amazing thing in SL to last longer than 6 months! But here we are with the spooky spectacular under our belts for the third glorious time.. Halloween is one of our favourite shows to bring together and each year it gets better and better!
Kicking off the carnage we had none other than Galilllllla.

Drifting onto the stage in an eerily delicious and saucy set consisting of a gathering of ghouls and skeletal beasties, she sauntered her way through a very apt song for the night.. a little bit of "Evil goin' on"

The exits are here, here.. and here....
 As usual she delivered a rather "cheeky" performance, considering she had a knife in the gut! Most excellent set I hasten to add! When Gal does something she does it gooooood....

The backing dancers were looking a little on the thin side I must say...

Now this is where it gets hazy... I do believe our lovely Nic was next to the plate.. if I'm wrong.. as always.. ass can be offered.. god that sounds wrong.. I meant spankings you filthy bunch!

She threw the club into darkness and sent chills up our spines with her crypt of sin... filling the air with red fog and sending birds out to attack the crowd for booze.. she delivered an awesome punch!

Seeing red anyone?
Dare you go inside....
The song she chose for this set has been in my head constantly ever since.. Nouvelle Vague's - Bela Lugosis Dead  .. haunting track and brilliant set for it!

The perils of flexi hair...

 Miwa started as she meant to go on with the first of 2 sets, splashing a delicious pink all over the stage she grabbed that pole with both hands and spun her way through "Pink elephants"

The rogue elephant had spotted a tasty looking exotic pink fruit of some kind on the stage...

Another great set was bought forth by our Jenalicious! Her and her army of un-dead superhero zombies rocked their behinds along to Britney's "Work It" With the apocalypse background and foggy atmosphere it very cool!

The bad guys must be quaking in their booties!
Wonder-woman had not aged well!
She sure is packin'
What a tit-tastic trio! Great job Jena, Toxic and Alyx 

Back for more with her second ever set was our little cherub Cher.. her and her man friend bought to life a really atmospheric set, rising from her grave to dance in the moonlight along to the dulcet tones of Amy Lee's"My immortal" she had us all quiet as churchmice while we watched..

The graveyard trampoline theme was going down well so far...
Who knew ya could get lucky in the dead part of town!

Her second offering was a rather spikey looking affair, taking to the stage in some mighty fierce attire Miwa's second appearance of the night along side Hellsings "If your going to war, Fight with Bows" Very cool song!! now there's no way in hell you'd mess with this woman looking like that!

The new school headmistress left some daddies slightly open mouthed on her first day at work!

Overjoyed we were.. to have one of our oldest Minxettes back on the stage!! I do not mean decrepit or senile! Just one of the old school originals! In true Minxette fashion she wowed us effortlessly bringing back her evil giant clowns and glitz and glamour re-born again.. It always feels good when Honeys on the stage!
The voodoooo you dooooo!
Now.. is that a peen or two I glimpse in the back there?!
Knocking us all out with her wonderful effects she strutted and thrusted her way through ZZ tops "She's Killing Me" Just amazing Miss Honeylicious!

Only Poo and Mr C could pull off them heels...
Nightmares for weeks now thanks to those two..

Now.. it's not often we get to savour Rug's odd mind offerings.. but boy when we do they are tasty morsels! When you heard the first twangs of the song and first see the strange little gathering appearing you just let your chin drop and enjoy the view.. together with her minions she gracefully flashed her wares for all to see while she commanded them to dance into the night with gay abandon!

Lars was getting a bit thin on the ground with good looking men these days...
They run squealing after they steal the maidens dress
Only Chandra could make a gremlin or whatever beastie this is.. look good!
Very cool set! fitted perfectly to the track "Waltz in Black" by The Stranglers

"you know you want it babaaaaay!"
The cheeky devils ended shenanigans with a bare faced moon!
One wonders with what they play....

Then the scrumptious harlot that is The Chandra took to the stage wielding some delicious artillery, those twin cannons will knock you off your feet! A stunning set that fitted so well with her choice of song "Secret" by The Pierces LOVED this!.. you can always be sure there is plenty to look at other than her wares on Chandras sets!.. we commend you lovely lady!

She acted coy when caught with the whole packet of cookies..
Slowly but surely she finally agreed the boil on her butt needed looking at
No matter how hard she tried she just couldn't untangle herself from last nights game of strip twister

The delicious Dia graced us with her saucy, sexy and downright eerie self with a gorgeous set, little hints of day of the dead seeped through the perfect face, as she spun and whirred herself to a tune which escapes me.. Dia if you see this please remind me! I love her sets, lots to look at and very atmospheric

The battleground where the Dia's come to battle for top spot...
Only Dia could make skulls a sexy accessory..

Finally the time came for a little horror to wake us up.. for which I took the reins.. emerging through a dark and demented fog.. the twisted and tormented nurse appeared...

Scared much?...
When the mist cleared we found ourselves being primed for a little "heated" discussion..

I can be persuasive with a big knife...
Call me ugly.. I DARE you!
One way to blow out the cobwebs...

Leaving nothing but ashes in her wake.. talk about burning down the house! I felt bad for those zoomed in on that face as they missed the flashy goodness!! And got nothing more than a screen full of meatball!! One of my most elaborate sets I must say!! Done alongside the eerie soundtrack to Silent hill "One more soul to the call" this has to be one of my favourites done so far..
No eyebrow trimming needed this month... that's for sure!

Well.. that was Halloween 2013!
What a corker of a show! as always I'm so grateful for the fellow loons who love doing this as much as me, and to the fabulous guests who really help us bring this to life! Were hitting 60 avi's these days!! its insane.. Thanks for supporting us everyone!!
As always thanks to our tempting hostess Diawa who strutted her self in THAT dress all night!
Yay im only one show away from being up to date! (I think!)
Much love <3 xx
Looking at that poor bear.. I think Roger Rabbit was done for..