Tuesday, 31 July 2012

::New Video posted of our last show!!::

Hello my lovlies!!
Just wanted to share Chic Aeons short video she made whilst at our last show..
Love this!! Thanks Chic!!

At least this way we get a teeny peek at the sets I missed piccies on :P

Sunday, 29 July 2012

::The Burlesque Bustle 28th July::

Wow.. What a show ladies! and what an audience! Amazing night was had by staff and patrons, with the huge line up and excellent care provided by our hostess we rocked the night.
Considering we have such a looong wait for the shows it is great to see the familiar faces and lots of new ones!
Now feel free to smack me a plenty as I was unable to capture all of our sets for this show, but ya never know.. they may find their way here very soon :)

Kicking off the show was our one and only Chandra, sharing her loot with a cheeky little gangsta number..with the dulcet sound of "Sweet about me" in the background. I hope you all checked for your wallets after because she was throwing money around with gay abandon!! Sadly one of the few I didn't manage to snap but I can share a sneak peek: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lachandra/7527250900/in/pool-ladygardencabaret

Up next was the charming Clio, giving us a feel for New Orleans as she slithered her way out of her corset to a little "Moon over Bourbon St"

"Just nipping down the shops dear"
Then Honeylicious steamed up the joint with a light little number, entrancing us with her version of our "Devil doll" her sets do manage to leave a few awkward lumps and bumps among the crowd I think *grins*

The new jumpsuit for Yoga just chaffed something awful
She always stuns me with her choice of outfits! What with her and Chandra I finish the show with a list as long as my arm of what I wanna go buy!

Chandra stunned us yet again with her next set.. a gorgeous dreamy vision of white.. and her in a wedding dress!!! hell froze over i think?!
Drifting over the stage to a racy little number by Nero Then transforming into the most delectable little topping for the selection of goodies that appeared onto the stage as the birds took flight.
WISH I had a pic to show just how good this looked! I got sidetracked staring I think?!

Then we welcomed our newest recruit Anastacia to the stage.. joining us after a very cool collaboration with her model agency Opium, for a grand show a while back.. seems we lured em here to play too!
She strutted her wares to a gorgeous monochrome set to  Earth Kitt assuring us her heart belonged to daddy.. hopefully a pic can be posted to show her gorgeous traditional style asap!

Up next in the hot-pot was our lovely Clio once again, with a rather alluring Arabian nights theme she bought a little exotic thrill to the stage
Le Exotique!
Alongside a rather butt jiggling number by Cheb Khaled she twizzled and gyrated in an attempt to please her Sultan, I damn well hope he was  appeased cos she had us begging for more! With some great moves and jazzy effects she wowed us for sure!
The newest poster girl for Dove deodorant

Then one of the scrumptious Leagues girls got her freak on.. shooting from the ground in a green crescendo which held us all in its glow..Keri delighted us as our "Poison Girl" Stuuning as ever!

The human/firefly genetic test seemed a good idea tfor those in non streetlit areas
Hello boys...
Gracing us again with her flare for this sort of stuff.. Honey made her way back for a second time.. this time in a most holy(coughs) outfit.. with a stunning backdrop of famous faces she attempted to teach us some new religion.. to "Personal Jesus" simply amazing...
He is still undecided!...
Jokes aside this set was stunning!! hats off to you lady!
We'll be having "nun" of that! god.. even I groaned at that one...
Having had the pleasure of their company for many a show.. we had two new additions to our line up
gracing the stage, performing an absolutely stunning set with a really well done duet.. I was seriously wowing most of the way through!

Little Mermaid knew all the best nightspots!
Rug and Qt we applaud you.. and why have you not done this sooner!!

The spinning Mermaid display case worked a treat when the guests came for tea of an evening


After some hard liqueur we readied ourselves for our next Minxette.. Ellen!
This little filly bought forth an amazing set, complete with a steampunk humanoid seeking fulfilment as flesh and blood..Heres another I did not manage to get a snap of but watch this space!
This was quite mesmerising to watch with her transforming midway into her dream of humanity.
Very well done Ellen my girl!

This bought us to our penultimate act of the night.. the amazing Ana and her saucy antics.. bought to us this time with some chilled champagne and some well needed bubbles!
Alongside another of her favourites Champagne tastes by Eartha Kitt which I am now addicted to hearing! Im loving Anas style!
Please please if anyone got some piccies of the lovely gal lemme have em!

Then sadly the show had to end sometime so I mustered up some stamina and headed out to give them the finale, which consisted of a rather grand vegas style stage complete with Carousel horse bouncing around, to which I swaggered alongside Bette Midlers "Oh Industry" (thanks Scarlett!) ending procedings with a glimpse into Showgirl life and its ups and downs.. which ended with a dirty back alley and nothing but the shirt on my back.. As I was trying to breath I didnt get a snap, so feel free to share any :)

Many Thanks to all who performed and especially our lovely Scarlett.. holding her adored bacon  as usual..without you many a table would be missing the cheeky glimpse of rear you provide with your table hopping.. :)

I WILL smack you boy you try to take this bacon from my grasp!
So.. there we have it.. another show done and dusted.. I adore what this place has become and all the talent that finds its way to our stage.. Secondlife would be a dull place indeed if it were not for you all joining me in these adventures.
Patrons.. we salute you for putting up with our shenanigans.. we love you so.. we are very VERY grateful for those tips you shower us with each show..and even more grateful that you choose to share those 2 hours with us :)
Also just wanted to share the fact that a VERY talented lady in Machinima(spelling?) Chic Aeon, was filming us!! we look forward MASSIVELY to seeing the product of her efforts :P
Im hoping to high hell that I remembered the line up right and didnt forget anyone! *hides* but feel free to remind me if I did :)
Next show should be around 4 weeks time (ish) book the night off and come play with us..
Also remember to add any showpics to our group on Flickr:
If any blow us away I may be tempted to come find you and leave a rather sloppy lipstick smear on your cheek!

Much love!
 <3 xxxxx

Sunday, 15 July 2012

A warm welcome back... or hot, rather!

June 22nd 2012 opening - Keri, Chandra, Chopsy and Clio heating up the room.

Why Hello out there behind the computer screen!

This is Chandra writing to you this time, and I am so excited I was given writing rights for LGC blog - what better thing to do now than wrapping up a brief summary of last show with all the pics I could gather :)

As we all know, our lovely Miss Chopsy had some "urgent RL matters" to take care of these past months... *winks* the more awesome to finally have "The Madame" (I think we can really call her that) back with even two sets in June's show!!

I wish i hadn't failed so hard to take pictures of the show until the last set, cause it was a super amazing one! In the end Elise and Quetee had mercy with me and allowed me to post some of her pictures of the show as well so we can share them with you all :) If you're on flickr, go stop by their streams and give them both some favorite-lovin' *winks*

The night's opening number was Clio with the "White Rabbit" remix version known from SuckerPunch. Unfortunately none of use apparently took any pictures of the set :( Following up to all our enjoyment, a second wonderland themed set of course from way-above mentioned "Mistress of Surprises" Chopsy as the Mad Hatter's concubine dancing to Kerli's "Tea Party" - anybody like to fill their cup?

Charmingly wicked Chopsy in action!

I know Elise squirmed in her chair with glee about all these Wonderland sets - and I'm sure one or the other guy did too with so much hotness on stage!

Next up on stage was Keri with a glamorous feather and sparkles routine in purple - such a beautiful set which I'll see if there's any pictures to be dug out to add later still. Unfortunately I didn't get to take any at all at first trying to multi-task between "watching", "clapping" and "finishing up the last bits of emotes" for my own set. *hides* (I am a total mess when it comes to preparation before a show)

Thanks to Elise we have that captured too though - and thanks to Opium fashion show were we took a little side-excourse last night (we would be Chopsy, Honey B and myself) I also finally did an own post-processed picture of "Summer Wine" set, which i had taken during preparation&practise time. *winks*

Ville Valo would likely have liked that Summer Wine a lot ;)

And finally for the final number of the night, Miss Chopsy had the curtains lifted one last time by a hundred butterflies - and again, other things probably lifted too at that sexy little number! I promise, for next show I'll try to be a bit better on taking a snap of everybody ;) It was such a spring-and-summer filled show, you truely missed out by missing it!

Chopsy last set is all powered by natural air-conditioning - brought to you by a thousand butterflies!

Hope to see you all around for our next show upcoming on July 21st 2012 at Lady Garden Cabaret - don't be foolish to miss it again ;)

Kisses and some more,

P.S.: Thanks Chopsy for letting me write - will do my best to dig out the older shots from LGC that I have and post some pictures one of these weeks :D

P.P.S: I think that picture I tried to sell you as "opening number" might have been the closing number of the night, actually *laughs*

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Better late than never.....

WOW 6 months since my last post!.. I am still alive I swear! just been out of action due to RL but now I'm back with a passion!!
We had a hugely fantastic show few weeks back as a sort of come back gig for me.. and I was absolutely amazed at the turn out!
Got some great pics thanks to QT and Elise.. I'm so grateful for the piccy taking!.. I totally forget to snap away when im in show mode!
BUT.. just wanted to dust the cobwebs away here really and re-awaken the fans and perusers of this blog to shake em up and scream in their ears.. WERE BACK!
Stay tuned!
next show is on the 21st July!.. BE THERE! xx