Saturday, 7 March 2015


And once again we fast forward the review of our last few months. DECEMBER. Wow. I made it before Easter, and a very special thanks in achieving that goes first to our lovely patrons, Sunny Difference and Marion Beresford who did succeed where I utterly failed this time.... PICTURES!

Thank you both so very much for adding them to our Flickr-Pool (yes, we have one, go check it out and join if you haven't yet! :D) and allowing us to use them for the blog. It's much appreciated and saves the day of record keeping (now if only somebody wrote the song titles in the description fields hahaha).

So on we go to our first christmassy star of the night - the lovely Babypea von Phoenix. She took us on a quick trip to Whoville and sure knew how to made the Grinch ungrinchy. He stayed. And forgot all about stealing the presents, too.... ;)

"Hey hooo there, Mister..."
Now try this for distraction!
I'd say that was just exactly what Angry-Face needed.. and if not, then sure our very own SexyS would make sure that there wasnt any tree-wracking going on.

And there you wondered why Santa has those super red cheeks....
"Where you think YOU're going, HUH?!"
I am still not sure if he was part of the set on purpose, or a never de-rezzing leftover of the previous set (yes, it was one of those SL days for me)... but whichever it was, it suited my image of this very inviting scenery just fine.

Guess Rudolph has his red nose from there, too...

Kismet came to save the day with some cooling off after the sunburn.. with this oh-so-charming snowglobe number and the cutest christmas song ever. Which was...... *drumroll*... somebody quick?? [crickets] Well it was cute. Seriously. To be continued.

Kismet turning the snowglobe world upside down
Of course what would christmas be without at least one "Santa Baby". This was quite the big selection of babes though instead, with Gal being our lead christmas treat for this very sweet candy pole and chair dance group number. I am really really sorry there isn't any more pictures :( It was just gorgeous!

Unpacking the presents.. just a bit more.
I went on stage eventually, too, although I have a strong feeling that it was not at this spot of the night.. just honestly can't remember so let's just pretend. This was a re-run of last year's set since I spent all focus this year on the final group number - more on that later. And it's probably still one of my favorite sets to this date so christmas can't even be often enough to find a reason to do it again. ;)

Candycanes and Peppermints and present boxes, too...

 I am really glad that Marion caught a picture of Ellen's set at least. Even if only a very narrowly cut one.

This was a kinda spooky goth-esque fog scene, with latex-booted reindeer mistress (or at least that's the best I can describe it :D).

Wish we had more pictures.. but, you can't win every day I guess so one is better than none!

On the flipside, we do have an over-abundance of the grande finale of our show.. and you'll quickly see why!

Our Minxettes turned into the sweetest candy and showed the Grinch how christmas is done when you're a happy ginger in a cookie jar.

"Lady Marmelade" wasn't a coincidential pick for the songtitle.. it was based on a true story! *nods sagely* TRUE FACT est. 2015!

So I'll just shut up now for the rest of this post and let the pictures speak for themselves. Thanks again Sunny for candy-perving behind curtain during setup, they made for some super interesting angles and images.

And most important, thanks to all the Ladies and our most fantastic and loyal patrons. It's a pleasure to raise curtain!

Hey Sista, Ho Sista. Time to get that Dough, Sista...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Moulin Rouge!
The grand finale of sugary explosions!

Happy Turkey Day!

So, another month fast forward on the recording... November 28th, 3PM, your usual suspects, your usual place. The Minxettes celebrate Thanksgiving Lady Garden Style. - Well to be honest, there was no theme requirement. :P

Again, please send me IMs to fill the blanks on the songs.. I dont have the song list of the night and it's been too long unfortunately to really remember.. :(

Opening this night was yet again our very fantastic Babypea von Phoenix, with her version of what "Country" should look like. Who needs line-dancing, anyhow, unless it's multiples of those? ;)

My Little Pony

Gracing the stage next this night was Kismet. Leave it to her to make the most simple decor rock to no end. This was a fantastic stage design paired with very vintage kitty style and falling clothes. Unfortunately I messed up the other pictures with either funky poses or floating alpha parts of the body... so, next time, new try! ;)

Hello Kitty!
 Thanks for bringing this on stage, Kis! So happy to have you! <3

For our next curtain of the night Ellen came back from a long pause to show us what's going on in the library these days while everybody else uses Wikipedia... Probably better that the kids do research at home with their computers now.... :D

"What do you mean 'Shades of Gray' is no literature?!"
[just a few more convincing arguments later...]
Thanks for joining us this evening, Ellen, great to see some of the old Minxettes still around <3

Many dead butterflies later (you try to swat them when the nervousness gets too crazy ya know?) it was my own turn.. With "The Sweet Escape" from Gwen Stefani I did just exactly that... escape, and be sweet... or something like that. I missed the jail scene at the beginning so well.. there was a jail!

Finally out! The cake wasnt a lie!
Skittles and candy apples...

Now then finally one very thorough Minxette who took the season serious and got straight to turkey business - Miss SexyS Quintessa. I can't even start to describe how hard I laughed (and still am) when seeing this. Thanks so much for your creativity and uniqueness, S, We're truely happy to have you and if you try to go anywhere we'll get Ellen's very useful library closet back out..... Just saying!

So about this holiday...
Well that fork missed! and that knife too.. Ouch! The tomatoe scored... WTF
 And last but most definitely not least Sierra brought us some very classy almost James Bond glamor... I am still grumpy at my cat for turning off the computer right when she started. *throws fist in air and hides the cat treats* Luckily everything booted back up fast enough to at least catch some of the end at at least treat you with some of the eye-candy she brought to stage!

Something's going on there... let's check that out!!
Worthwhile to sit on the roof all night when you get those sights...

Seriously, all of you, THANKS SO MUCH for all the effort and love you bring to Lady Garden. It wouldnt be the same without your creativity and pure genius and I most definitely wouldnt want to tear my hair out for chasing after songnotecards if it wasnt for you :D

CHOPSY, if you're out there and perving at this from time to time, we frikken miss you and you really need to get back soon!

Many love and kisses!!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Night of Ghouls, Ghosts and Witches...

I think looking at the current date all left for me to do is claim the ghosts have taken me after Halloween show and I just now got freed again.... does that work as an excuse? 

They spit me back out with all the pictures I took, too, so here we go with a quick recap on Halloween 2014 and, as usual, I'll try to work my way up to current date. I foresee christmas pictures on easter again... history repeating! But, you got your pics, at last ;) 

Halloween show was opened with Diawa's "Wicked Things", and if you havent seen the set before, you missed out. A lovely duette in a spooky forest, with flashing trees and dancing plant creatures, particle magic and the usual choreography-WOW only a Diawa can do.. Thanks for adding this!

Diawa controls all wicked things!

Next up came Babypea with her absolutely stunning "Witchy Woman" act. Pictures really dont do it justice, cause the stage was a fantastic 3d experience. And who could resist a stripping Babypea on top of that...
Babypea rocks the cosmos. A truely witchy woman!
Following the dance above the cosmos we moved back down to earth, just in your favorite neighborhood next door with the girls from the LGC Cheersquad and your favorite underwear hot dude on the ad board. Gal and Rug went for a midnight dance to Rosemay Clooney's "I aint got no body" and it wasnt long until the dead came to join them..

Gimme an L! Gimme a G! Gimme a C!

The next stage set up didnt promise all too good even with closed curtains.. the scenery got dark... fear lay in the air.. with a scent of roasted BBQ mingeling into the mix.... Should we be concerned? Most likely.. cause SexyS was about to hit the stage. 

Grill and BBQ didnt lift the moods with this ominous curtain...
And as was to be expected, that wasn't your standard grilled chicken.. we've been missing dancers ever since, bless their souls.

Evil comes your way...

LGC got renamed to "High Canibal-esque Showhouse", thanks to S
Luckily no further bodies vanished (although some audience members seemed strangely stuffed after the set....) and the mood was lightened again with our next curtain for Kismet - clickety-clack, the skelletons danced, and they did it so well. This really made me laugh, too bad you can't capture animated textures on picture, because these ones were really brilliant and added a fun touch to her song choice "Spooky Scary Skeletons"!

Stepping class with Kismet - click-clack left, click-clack right, bones swing, rinse, repeat!

Even the caskets opened after that performance to applaud and clap!
 Ga-Leee-La delighted us right after with the full Minxette troupe and Elvira's "Monster Mash" - what a brilliant set! Sexy devils mingled with all sorts of black and white vintage movie creatures.. hard to describe, but the Mistress of move-things-around-gadgets did it again! Awesome set, Gal!
Sierra, Chandra, Rug, Gal, Kismet, Diawa, SexyS
Oh noes.. they are moving towards us...... What's about to come!
Dracula joined the ranks as our newest MinxMuffins...
Eventually it was time to get my own spooky ass on stage, so all the fabric nightmares are made of came together for Ayria's dark and hypnotic-rythmic "Recoil". Paired with darkness reaching from underneath to pull the creatures above in their realm and the eyes that see everything..

Evil is everywhere, and it has an eye on you!
Lady Garden got some grabby-voyeuristic additions......
The club turned into a spooky forest ready to snatch another one or two of the audience..
 Next up was Rina taking you to a private dance at Fangtasia.. Speak about truth in advertising.. ;)

One does wonder if this lucky dude was as lucky as it would appear.. or just another soon-to-be-missing visitor.
Last but not least this very spooky closing number of Mistress of Evil Ceremony, "The Shredded", Babypea.. ;) She brought us a last scare of ghosts, ghouls and demons, witches and of course the bloody one-of-a-kind SexyS creature.. I think that one wasnt even in the myth books yet...

Rotten was never so sexy!
Prepare to be missing another 3 or 4 audience members..... 

As per usual, this has been an off-the-charts fantastic show, girls! Thanks so much for all the effort you put in, and thanks to all our returning patrons who support our dancers with their lindenlove and fill the place with life. We wouldnt be here without you, and we truely hope we'll spend a lot of time in the future with you still!

Love and Kisses from all the Minxettes!