Saturday, 7 March 2015

Happy Turkey Day!

So, another month fast forward on the recording... November 28th, 3PM, your usual suspects, your usual place. The Minxettes celebrate Thanksgiving Lady Garden Style. - Well to be honest, there was no theme requirement. :P

Again, please send me IMs to fill the blanks on the songs.. I dont have the song list of the night and it's been too long unfortunately to really remember.. :(

Opening this night was yet again our very fantastic Babypea von Phoenix, with her version of what "Country" should look like. Who needs line-dancing, anyhow, unless it's multiples of those? ;)

My Little Pony

Gracing the stage next this night was Kismet. Leave it to her to make the most simple decor rock to no end. This was a fantastic stage design paired with very vintage kitty style and falling clothes. Unfortunately I messed up the other pictures with either funky poses or floating alpha parts of the body... so, next time, new try! ;)

Hello Kitty!
 Thanks for bringing this on stage, Kis! So happy to have you! <3

For our next curtain of the night Ellen came back from a long pause to show us what's going on in the library these days while everybody else uses Wikipedia... Probably better that the kids do research at home with their computers now.... :D

"What do you mean 'Shades of Gray' is no literature?!"
[just a few more convincing arguments later...]
Thanks for joining us this evening, Ellen, great to see some of the old Minxettes still around <3

Many dead butterflies later (you try to swat them when the nervousness gets too crazy ya know?) it was my own turn.. With "The Sweet Escape" from Gwen Stefani I did just exactly that... escape, and be sweet... or something like that. I missed the jail scene at the beginning so well.. there was a jail!

Finally out! The cake wasnt a lie!
Skittles and candy apples...

Now then finally one very thorough Minxette who took the season serious and got straight to turkey business - Miss SexyS Quintessa. I can't even start to describe how hard I laughed (and still am) when seeing this. Thanks so much for your creativity and uniqueness, S, We're truely happy to have you and if you try to go anywhere we'll get Ellen's very useful library closet back out..... Just saying!

So about this holiday...
Well that fork missed! and that knife too.. Ouch! The tomatoe scored... WTF
 And last but most definitely not least Sierra brought us some very classy almost James Bond glamor... I am still grumpy at my cat for turning off the computer right when she started. *throws fist in air and hides the cat treats* Luckily everything booted back up fast enough to at least catch some of the end at at least treat you with some of the eye-candy she brought to stage!

Something's going on there... let's check that out!!
Worthwhile to sit on the roof all night when you get those sights...

Seriously, all of you, THANKS SO MUCH for all the effort and love you bring to Lady Garden. It wouldnt be the same without your creativity and pure genius and I most definitely wouldnt want to tear my hair out for chasing after songnotecards if it wasnt for you :D

CHOPSY, if you're out there and perving at this from time to time, we frikken miss you and you really need to get back soon!

Many love and kisses!!

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