Thursday, 24 December 2015

Best of 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We dont want to miss out to send you the invitation to our next show in January to start off the new year with all the best Lady Garden has to offer. We'd love to see you there!


Friday, 18 December 2015

Welcome to Christmas Extravaganza Minxettes' Style!

So today's recap of our last show I would like to start out with the very most important:

Thanks so much to all our Minxettes for the fantastic work and dedication this past year, and our patrons for there continuous support every month.
Merry Christmas to all of you :)

(can you tell? I'm weary if you ever make it to the end of this post :D)

So, let's see what we got here from this very sexy christmas show today!

Due to special request, the Minxettes kicked it right off with an encore of last years christmas "Moulin Rouge" - ho ho ho sisters, swing that dough sisters. ;) On stage for this opening number our lovely gingerbreads SexyS, Aelva, Kismet, Miwa, myself and our newest additions to the cookie jar Eostri and Miss Bathory. Aren't they all so gorgeous to look at and nibble on...

The audience surely feasted on those sights. I think an arm and leg was missing here or there once the curtain finally went down... Looks like one day we should rename the club to Cookie Box Cabaret, now that I'm thinking about it.... It DOES have a ring to it, doesnt it... ;D

Okay well back to serious. And I tell you, our new Minxettes are not to be messed with. This one here stole a poor fella's little cold heart and made it melt. Litterally. So let's see how the Love-Story of Miss Bathory and the Snowman develops. Applause and curtain for "Baby it's cold outside":

 Oh little did he know of the ways of (wo)men... Lesson to be taken note of for all future fellas in a similar situation: If a girl promises you a hot lap dance, re-evaluate... It may cost your life.

So Guys.. you know what to expect from this little Minx in future. Dont burn yourselves ;) And a very warm (if not hot) welcome to the family, Exhi <3

But hey wait... this should have been a christmas show.. and all we've seen so far is cruesome cookie feast and snowman murders.... That brings up a truely important question: "Dear Santa: Define 'good'!" And of course in all her foresight, Kismet dared to ask it!

Let's see what Santa thinks about this...

 Well we know Santa's answer after THIS number.... He still left us many many presents, too. Thank you Kis, I attribute that to your dedication to the cause :D

So next up an interpretation of the Nutcracker Suite by our very lovely little ballerina Eos, who's dolling her way right into our hearts with this adorable debute at the Lady Garden. Curtains and a very big warm welcome <3

 So far we've covered a wide array of possible christmas scenarios inside our homes, ovens and houses. But let's shift our glance towards the outside and what's going on up there on North Pole.

Hark how the bells, sweet silver bells.... my ass. The reindeers party on dubstep when nobody watches. Here's the proof!

 A very special thanks to Ziekling for digging out this song for me. She used it in last year's xmas video for The Luxe and I swear, I was sold and forever in love since. <3

Also, what you've just witnessed isn't the only thing going on with the reindeers... others of them took a detour and went on a nice sunny vacation rather than delivering presents, as our long distance correspondend SexyS reported from what was discovered down under. So if you wondered why you didn't get anything this year, here's your answer:

Well I mean there IS the chance that you've been bad this past year, too.. but let's just rather assume it's cause of the awesome sun down under that kept the christmas delivery on hold ;)

The christmas heralds were utterly shocked when they learned of this fact. Our lovely Hostess and DJ of the night, Red, not so much. Obviously she figured something was up, having to do all the cheers and christmas carols herself this fine night.

There's words to be spoken about this, for sure.

So back to the north.. You would think that's right where the true christmas action happens, right? Well.. yes.. in some ways... As Aelva is about to tell us.

She managed a rescue squat who went down to get the lazy bastard on the hammock back... ;D

 Pyjama party for christmas.. that got his attention. His involvement was less than anticipated though....

 Santa most definitely got SWOOPed of his feet though on those sights. Minxettes action, I tell you! Specially when Aelva invites Miss Kismet and myself over... You guessed it.. Guilty as accused. But Santa didn't push charges.... :D

Merry Christmas everybody, I'll let this trail out with pictures tonight ;)