Saturday, 30 July 2011

:: The Bustle rockethd my sockeths offeth!!::

... my god it feels like forever since I updated this.. but was still buzzing from last nights performances so just wanted to share...We have some new additions to the family, Ellen, Renate, Beautty, Jolene.. and The lovely Lady.. whos name just suits the club so well! Welcome ladies!!.. its great to have you all with us!! So we should be seeing these lovelies  in action once we have fitted them with their very own pasties...So... last night... where do I start?... We had myself, Sierra, Honey and Ellen all swinging body parts on stage, I kicked off the show with a rather bright and rather saucy little set, dressed head to toe in leather and blinging my way through a scissor sisters number.. of course.. a little dazzle was used to blind the patrons while i whipped off my jacket, and thankfully the lag allowed me to use my effects yey! Then up stepped the one and only Honey B.. always a crowd pleaser she appeared brandishing a rather manacing rolling pin! complete with the ladylike pinny and rollers in her hair.. she wiggled and threw cupcakes onto her adoring fans as she hanky pankied her way through a racey 5,6,7,8's number(id not heard of them either!) now thats a sight any man would relish after a long day at the office.. even if it did involve a beating ..Then we had the sensational Sierra.. and her sidekick Marvin (our man prop) going all urban grunge on us with a gorgeous if slightly whiffy set.. yes it even had flies!! Both giving us an awesome duet to a little bit of Micheal J.. honestly that girl could wear a bin bag and still look good! Then our effervescent Ellen landed on stage... clad in spaceage materials no one could identify and emerging from a capsule.. she observed proceedings carefully... before letting her hair down and gyrating to a little Katy Perry..great stuff!!.. Then to wind up what had been a fantastic night.. I dragged my rump back to the stage.. feeling slightly.. how can I say?.. restricted.. bringing a little poetry and crazy hair to the events.. I was released to the rivers and fields to sway for my supper alongside the Goddess Gaga..So there we have it folks... probably one of the best bustles we've had!.. Awesome crowd and sensational performers! I swear it gets better and better.. you girls amaze me daily :) Photos... unfortunately we didnt have our house photographer this week but I hope Ive been able to describe it well enough to give you some frisky dreams lol.. Huge thanks to Billi for her wonderful hosting!.. shes a star!.. soon to be on the stage!! and once again massive hugs to all the girls of the LGC.. you do a fantastic job each and everytime!.. Love you tonnes!! Heres to next weeks show!.. bring it on !! see you there :)

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Im bad I know...

Hello lovers.. I feel so neglectful! I've a stack of pics for putting up.. just a matter of getting tied to my chair to fulfil these tasks.. fear not I shall asap.. in the meanwhile would some posters of the girls do? :P
ooo strawberry shortcake grew up!
Finally got round to starting the collection at last.. our troupe immortalised in pin up fashion..most delicious!! These stunning canvasses will be displayed for all to see outside the club, this will be a work in progress so I shall throw more your way once we've sedated the girls enough to languish upon these manky fruits we stole from the market...
fruit sellers were getting creative these days
Shea was very cooperative in this shoot i must say.. 5 hours of sinking into sticky melon and we finally got our shot.. poor girl.. shes been picking pips out of places even the sun dont shine.. I fear the mere sight of a melon could induce the shakes now.. bless.. the therapist is on it..
We're loving these shots! cant wait to bring you all the minxettes in all their fruity glory!
See you soon <3 x