Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Roll up! Roll up!...

Well better late than never (as usual) is our glorious show that was.. Hollywood Baby! on the 3rd of the month of May.. Twas a fab night had by all! such a build up of excited Minxettes for this one!
Chandra had a twitchy trigger finger so I thought I'd better get my ass in gear getting these blogged... :P

Our handsome doormen the Oscar twins were in residence for the night guarding our valuables, well.. mainly our diamond thongs..

Kicking off this madness were a shy little troupe.. most prudish you know.. BUT with some Vodka.. you can do amazing things...

Avon ladies out in force!
Rocking the stage more than ever the full gang were in force! hip shaking and ass shimmying our way through a sassy number, the ever faithful "Lady Marmalade"

I'm a little tea-pot...
Flouncing and bouncing the goodies..

It was THIS big!
Using Spot on we had a grand old time strutting ourselves round the stage, me, Chandra, Toxic, Jena, Sierra, Miwa and Keri slapped some ass in the attire we adore the most!

Ostriches run for their lives when they see us coming!
Now.. seeing as this show was a few months back I humbly apologise if I got order wrong or indeed forgot anyone.. most grateful for corrections to be smacked upon me so I can amend! Onwards we go...

First out.. we had our newest addition to the family.. Sarah graced the stage in a most ladylike of fashions.. giving us a glimpse of thigh as she danced her way through a nod to Pretty Woman.. welcome to the family missy :)

Edward... where art thou
Then we had a little duo kinda thing going on, Chandra and myself decided to mix it up a little.. seeing as we discovered we were in fact doing the same movie as a theme it seemed rude not to..

Who ya gonna call?.... the damn cleaner after all that mess!!
Chandra gooed her way onto the stage to none other than "Ghostbusters" only she could of found a slutty Slimer! with a most fabulous set she strutted her stuff leaving a nasty trail in her wake..

The goo seems to attract some nasties...
Wowing us as usual with her displays of flashy goodness..

The front row had no complaints at being slimed by this beauty!

Those windscreen cleaners were forceful these days!
Then.. the skies darkened.. the siren started.. Ecto dashed away as another beast threatens the stage...

The dreaded effect of the acid rain they all speak of..
A rather glowy me attacked.. bringing forth the neon of the 80's.. along to one of my favourite movie songs ever "I believe its magic"

I take no responsibility for burnt retinas... 
Hopefully everyone had particles enabled else that would of been a most dull set indeed! lol

Then Keri swirled onto the stage with another staple hit of the 80's Showing just how dangerous those back streets are..and how full of "Lost Boys" they can be!

The cleaners are definitely out of a job after this show! the rubble we had to contend with!
Then another fresh faced addition to the family hit the stage.. Miwa and her sparkling set showed us what shes made of.. a very graceful and uber cool number! With her ACTUAL voice emoting over the song it added an interesting twist, she could sooooooo work them phones at sex lines I tell thee!!! With those Bedroom Hymns who needs fairytales!

what ya get when you wish upon a star...

Wishes do come true! her clothes DID vanish!
Then Jena glittered her way into the spotlight with a handsome chap who we call Bond.. who had an odd yet appealing goldfinger apparently...

We seeketh the digit of gooooold... 

Its amazing what a bit of gold leaf can cover..

 Then our Tantilising Toxic hit our screens with something most saucy... bringing it.. complete with snake.. we had our selves a little "After Dark" fun a la Dusk Till Dawn style...

Guests were scolded severely after thinking that was in fact a spittoon on stage!

She seems to be considering BBQ'd snake?
I think this left the male guests in a bit of a state.. the things that girl can do with a snake...

After all these shenanigans I returned again for another spin on this ride...

Honey I did wear the bustle I swear! Chandra plucked me!
With an old favourite of mine from Beaches, I asked "Oh Industry, whatever will become of me" yet again a nod to Scar for reminding me about this song :)

The back street urchins were feisty these days.. feathers got them hard cash!
Then to end these proceedings Cordie got her feather duster on and tickled us up into doing the Time Warp, Thanks Cordie for joining us on our escaades :)

Good lord The Dust!
I loved how as soon as that song hits peoples asses start wiggling!

They ran in fear of the slimy boobed one..

So that was our version of some great classics from Hollywood! another great turn out from the girls! (I really hope I didn't forget anyone or anything?) Our fabulous hostess with the most-est saw us all through safely with the greasy goodness!
Massive huge thanks to Chandra as ever for her piccie awesomeness, HUGE thanks to all who attended!
As ever thank you Minxettes for making this show as amazing as it was :)
here's to the next instalment coming soon....
Much Love to all you Burly folk!
<3 xxx