Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Valentines Burlesque Bustle!!

That time of year has come, all be it belatedly in true Chops style! For the soft and fluffy, possibly spiky bras to be dusted off, and slapped on any passing Minxettes, It's true they do have a slushy side, so I hear at least.. I'd still not trust them with the last doughnut! Anyhoo.. we begin proceedings... I could not resist doing a little d├ęcor for the show, I'm getting slightly addicted to doing this each time we have a show coming! The Cheeky cherubs could not be refused!.. Flinging there wee arrows everywhere.. looooved it!

The threats were made.. "Bring out your boobs!" they cried!
The buzz backstage is getting intense now with every show as we are all so excited every time! We are such a hardened team, being so level headed on the night! BUT still flail with gay abandon when its our turn! I never want to lose that buzz! When I do its time to retire!

Subtle reminders for the males...
First offering on the plate was a tickle-full and most scrumptious looking display of plummage we ever did see, Gal had us ushered forward hiding our valuables with nothing but diamonds and feathers! Paired with a fabulous group dance! Oh so Vegas style! Swaying our hips to TK Soul & The Zydeco Bounce! This was so good to watch!! Gal has a fab eye!! Using the brilliant group formations she had us gyrating everywhere! I rather like Gals openers these days!!
The conveyor belt produced some rather saucy dolls these days.. wonder what happens if you pull the string!
One potato.. two potato!

Once we had swept away the glitter and fallen pasties we lowered the mood a touch for our next performer, never disappointing us with her engulfing, mood adjusting and simply brilliant sets..Nic had us looking mournful as her ghost swayed while the murderer watched on..yes that is me.. I make a damn humpable man if i say so myself!!

Persil.. adds that glow to your daily wash!
Atmospheric and always good eye candy, Nic has a knack for making a good storyline for a set, this flowed so well with Kylie Minogue & Nick Cave's "Where The Wild Roses Grow" omg funny! Nic-Knack! get it!!

The club had gotten a bit grown over these days, Chopsy fails hard at gardening!
Now.. I'm relying on Chandras photos here to remember order, sooo..

Up next was the hors d'oeuvre... What the hell is that rezzing on the stage I hear you cry!.. After the Dinos landed and the shrill war-cry of the bone adorned knuckledraggers dream-girl pierced the night, we knew we were in for a treat!

Chandra.. has the skills to make even scaly beasts sexy!
With the addition of another fur covered, leather thong wielding she-beast, who's usual lair is in another time zone.. we call Guerilla Burlesque(those damn aussies! 7am for me is TOO early) We had ourselves a dance-off!

People feared for their lives as hair, nails and all sorts of debris started flying!
This really was something to make your mouth hang open.. no wonder Chandra was so excited for us to see it! Im in awe of how much that woman can get done in her SL time!

How the Minxettes do business!
What makes this even better was the song choice! Grinding dem bones to Wu Tang's "Gravel Pit".. well you get the picture! Great concept for a performance!

How the knuckledraggers got their women..
So... yea.. It took a meteor to stop those two in the end!.. Sexys! I feel for you! Going nipple to nipple with Chandra!.. Braver gal than me is all im sayin!.. Hell of a good set! Dammit.. How are we to follow this!! *cries*

Whos boobs were bigger?.. hmmmmmm

After all remains of the meteor were shoved off the stage, a modest lass by the name of Rug sauntered her way forward through the curtain..flanked by a couple of hotties, she opened  to a delightfully accurate british weather report at the time.. waves crashed and rain poured as we rolled and weaved our way through the pebbles..

This looked nothing like the brochure!
Rug does pick a good song! The moody and heart twangin' "Love Reign O'Er Me" made the whole vibe of the performance, And add to that some fab outfits she dressed us in.. she really does some fabulous sets! WE WANT MORE!

Gal won the "steal Rugs bikini" contest
Then.. we had a fresh new lamb to the slaughter, all be it with a seasoned pro! Fancy and Sierra took to the stage, Still managing to look innocent in those outfits!

The Funky chicken impersonations went down a storm!
Rocking that red light, they wiggled for glory, matching the sexy stomp of Joan Jetts "Do you wanna touch me" I now see why cheerleaders are so sought after in SL now...

Any ideas what they sell here?
Now.. adding a little shake to those hips.. Rina decided to let her hair down after work with a delicious little set, looking every inch the perfect waitress for the job, she took to the stage! Rocking out to Mandy Moores "Stupid Cupid" I adore the retro look!

Im sorry but all I can think of for this is BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBS
Now, it seems to be my turn of the night, painting my naked body inky black and also chucking some over Nic, we slowly crept out to the stage, hoping not to be seen, we are shy you know! Naked under this bodypaint! Tsk!

Seeing double..
Glad I finally got this set completed, It had been lurking in my folder of "must do's" for a while now, and after Nic's suggestion for the song It just screamed at me!.. With a tip of the hat to Diawa for the idea!

With an abundance of goodness for the eye and some sharp lasers, we rolled our way through one of my favourite songs Shakespears Sister's "Stay"

Pew PEW "the crowd shoots it displeasure at lack of nipple on show

Finally melting into the murky grasses we collapsed from sheer lack of breath after holding our tummies in THAT long! Im never going without my girdle again!

Loch Ness had a new legend.. the laser spouting lesser spotted harlot, drove twitchers in their thousands to the shore for a peek
After those shenanigans we got some sexy back.. our Cherubic Cher tottered out to the stage on her little tippy toes.. with caged men to poke with sticks, she kicked off a very cute little number! Gyrating her body-painted self to Kesha's "Dirty Love"very cute and saucy performance!

"Yes Officer.. it was I who stole the Sharpies.."
Soo.. after some amazing sets the buzz grows to the crescendo that is "Whats the finale going to be?!"
Nic and her bottomless pit of imagination delivered..
In keeping with the Valentines theme.. sorta.. she had gathered a bunch of wild women, clothed in nothing but animal skins and bones.. to hop skip and jump around the boiling pot.. but wait! We needed a volunteer!
Spence being the closest male.. unfortunately landed himself in the pot, Rolling our loins ever harder to the building beat that came from the trees, a saucy little number by PJ Harvey called "Maniac" Spence was no more.. a worthy offering to sustain the hunger.. the pastie glue just wasnt doing it for us no more..

It was slim pickings at the jungle buffet..
Boner springs to mind?....

Spence didn't last long, bless him..the crowd were hungry that night..
Who can resist a little rubber to end the night...
The stand off had started.. the glare suggests they are summing up whos ass looks better in skin of beast!
As usual the after party explodes with its usual flare of bra loosening and letting hair down as we all run screaming to the bar after the show to celebrate another successful parade of delights, I sweat its a good 3 hours till I'm back to normal and can sleep!!
Absolutely FAB crowd, each and every show is such a delight to see so many regulars!

And still they stared...
The fur covered she-beast ran in terror, for the fluffy cuteness had arrived

As always I'm unbelievably, immensely and leg-humpingly grateful to the girls for participating in this with me so willingly each month!  There are not enough shoes I could buy you all to show you how much I love you!
Chandra thank god you have that itchy index finger to snap so many pics! Thank you!!
Heres to the next one!!
<3 xx