Sunday, 13 November 2011

:: November News..::

Well, can you believe a year has passed almost.. as I type christmas show plans are being arranged!.. where has the time gone!!
We have had a busy couple of months since the last news.. yes.. I know.. im a slacker.. I shall receieve my punishments later after I finally get this posting done if thats ok!
So.. got some GAWJUSS pics of the last few shows to share.. including our amazing Halloween extravaganza!! I am eternally gratefull to Lymirah, Marvin and our lovely Billi for snapping away while we shake our thangs.. when your holding onto tiny thongs as ya shimmy its hard to whip a camera out.. so HUGE thanks to you three!!!
Ok, so general club news.. we have had a saucy bunch join our gang in the last few months , got some in our snaps so at least you can have a toosh to put a name to.. Huge welcome hugs to Carmen and Liv.. who also perform in a troupe with our Sierra.. the lovely Lady Angels!.. be sure to check em out! I hear some other angels are thinking of falling into our lair.. watch this space :P
Ok.. so I shall start with some piccies from a show just before Halloween as Its a nice change to have some to post!!..A rather cheeky offering from the 21st October..
Times were hard of late...
Things kicked off with a little Dolly..a la' Chopseh! who can resist a bit of country paired with some kitchen utensils and a pinny...any gal can look good in pink with hair THAT big! Ive since moved into that trailor.. alongside a racoon who kept stealing my cupcakes!
The island they landed on was looking more appealing by the minute...
Then we had our divine Destiny a rather cheeky glimpse of beachlife brit style..we were assured no cannibals were harmed in this production.. I hear shes on a Strict vegi diet.. so all is well at the cooking pot..
One ponders if shes trying to tell us the state of her lady garden...?
Then to tease and delight the crowds we saved our howls for the sultry Sierra.. doing her best for the mob.. adding some MJ sparkle to the stage as she shimmied her way through a bar of drunken sailors.. yet she came out unharmed.. Im telling you its her perfume!

The "glue trapeeze" works wonders everytime..
Our lovely Hostess Billi... how she hangs on above all that rising heat from the acts i'll never know!.. a great show!!.. crowd was awesome!!..

Then we have our extravaganza to report on....THE HALLOWEEN SHOW!!!
Graveyards were glam these days!
Things kicked off in spooktacular fashion with a gorgeous troupe act.. playing alongside a light little number by Rob zombie we shook our dead selves to welcome in the night!..
The gang deodorant applying always bought a crowd...
I do love a full stage!!.. what a great opener!!

Elvira came cheaper these days..
 As always I grab the reins first.. bringing some ghoulish glamour to the stage I decided to reinvent the mistress herself!!.. even managing to find time to train for the mighty titty tassel spinnage!
Even with the mighty uneven balance.. she could manage a great 2-step..
Complete with pet bats Elvira was bought to life....This was one of my favourite sets to do.. I do enjoy the lighthearted ones.. even if they are rather dark...

Backstreets looked more appealing round these parts...
Gracing us with what can only be discribed as stunning! even with the macabre undertones..our one and only Honey... gorgeous as ever.. with such a colourful and pretty set!!.. I shall mug her lady for her contacts!.. This paired with a rolling stones classic.. just stunning!...
Always a surprise what we find behind our curtain!...
Didnt that look spectacular! looking uber glam in her own creations of the neon pink furs.. she always manages to make my jaw drop and small gurgling noises emerge from my throat...

No point wafting! that ones gonna linger!
Can you smell something burning?
One of our new additions to the family, Carmen made her debut for our halloween special.. what a way to start! Gyrating her way through an Ashley Jana number she showed us what her mama gave her with some extra sparks for flare!.. loved it.. welcome to the family doll!!

Going my way big boy?.. or at least can I steal your fuel?!
Our second new addition of the night came in the voluptuous form of the lovely Liv! Tempting us straight into hell with her racy number.. apologies for non rezzing of the actual route but you get the picture.. if you saw it we'd have to kill you.. paired with AC/DC this was a super number.. awesome show doll!!.. Sierra where do you find these lovelies!!...

The camping area didnt look so safe when night fell...
Bringing another stunning number to the stage for the night was Honeyliscious.. looking rather lupine as she grinded those hips of hers to The Cramps.. I just love her sets!!..

At least its not the curry version of the olde burning ring....
Burning the place up as usual... never did see such a shexy wolfstress!

Sisters are boiling it for themselves!..
For our finale we decided to go green and economical by only using the cheap cuts of menfolk for our stew... spinning ourselves round the cooking pot to some Marylin Manson as we hubbled and bubbled and all that jazz.. joining the crew were Renate and Sierra.. I sooooo see a wizard of Oz special coming soon.. watch this space...
Well.. what a showcase!.. Im glad I finally got my hiney into action to share these!!.. awesome piccies!! thanks again Lymirah!.. very well done girls!!.. came together like a dream!!.. as always shows at 3 on fridays.. upcoming news is the christmas show which is being planned for the 9th of Dec.. I finally got a subscriber in so makes it easier for those needing group space to recieve show notifictaions.. so be sure to hit it up next time your in.. massive group hugs all round to you all.. being pulled away from you all so much is tough!.. but im forever gratefull for an amazing team!!.. and especially Sierra!!.. keeping the ball rolling when I have to let go.. Thanks chica!!.. Also welcoming all be it belatedly..our show DJ Ais.. look out for her on the trapeeze and be warned.. she forgets her knickers! so cover your eyes! And dont forget our hostess with the mostest Billi.. always on hand to fill your glass and light your cigar.. be sure to tilt her tray as you walk past.. its worth it for a glimpse of those frilly undies! Love ya dolls!!.. and to our WONDERFUL patrons!!.. the best crowd ever!!.. heres to many more shows and rotten tomatoes!! <3 xxx