The LGC Minxettes

Chopsy Bode

The shy and retiring owner of the glory that is The LGC.. owner of possibly the best friends list ever! And ever humble collector of leopard print!

Usually found lurking behind the curtains with a half drunk bottle of Bourbon muttering that the urchins stole her diamond thong! Lies! She lost it in a game of pin the tail on the donkey back in 88'!

Chopsy's addiction to the stage began when she first encountered a little place called Viva La Glam.. 3 years on the addictions getting worse, and the outfits are getting more sparse.. And don't mention the diamanté encrusted sick bags she gets through!

Chandra Meehan

The Busy-Bee of Lady Garden. She looks innocent but truth be told, when nobody looks she has 20 sets of arms, 4 heads with 3 brains each and bee swarms do her biddings to get all that done that the hands can't handle. True fact! (Or was that the half drank bottle of Bourbon speaking?)

Chandra's career was that of your standard showgirl.. she knew these girls, got promised an awesome show with feathers sparkles stars and starlettes, eventually a spot in a movie even, and she was young and didn't know any better and didn't have anything else to do and agreed to come and watch and from there on the trap was laid and the shackles fastened. You catch flies with Honey.. just saying.

She joined LGC in October 2011.

SexyS Quintessa

Miss SexyS Quintessa is a classy woman with a freaky dark side! She has been creating burlesque, comedy, artsy fartsy dance acts in SL since 2009 and enjoys every part of it. You can say she is a collector of things... dances... shoes.... hair..... strange avatars..... and sex beds! She likes to have fun and goof off!! You might see her in a non-human form, like a toaster, or see her throwing a bus or better yet walking around farting!

She doesnt take things too seriously here in this game.... can you tell???

 [17:36] Chandra Meehan: GACHAS
 [17:36] Chandra Meehan: why is that not on the list
 [17:36] SexyS Quintessa: ooh yes i forgot that

Since May 2014 we happily call her part of our Minxettes collection - don't ask how often we had to feed the gacha machine for that rare!

Sierra Charik

Sierra "The Innocent" Charik..
Holder of the title "Most sick bags used in a show"
Joined us so fresh faced and truly pure, boy oh boy did the stage bring out her frisky side!
These days she can usually be found lurking outside the men's changing rooms at her football games, as she's some kinda uber cool cheerleader these days? I hear she sells snaps of the players wang on the internet?

Take the girl outta the showhouse but can NEVAAA take the showhouse outta the girl!
Seriously though.. she is and always will be.. one of the original Minxettes.. and the rare glimpse you may see of her on stage will surely leave ya gasping..
Dark forces bought her to us back in 2011,  Since then, she has made her butt firmly part of the furniture!

Diawa Bellic

If you know shows, you know Diawa. How could you not. ;)

As one of the true veterans of dance entertainment, Diawa does never fail to amaze the audiece with the well matched choreographies, and for sure does raise the question if there's a single animation store in SL she doesnt call her own.

Since Diawa joined LGC in 2013, and ever since graced our stage all the way from Hostess to Muse to Showstopper. And always with just the right animation at the right time!

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