Sunday, 31 May 2015

Busy Bees and Ladybugs...

...or whatever else June shall bring us. Mark the date, it's gonna be here sooner than you think!

The Stars are just the Beginning...

What a night! If you weren't there, you seriously were missing something this time. But how good that we can rewind and stop-motion you through this!

Let's see what this curtain shall bring this day..

Leave it to SexyS to whip out the most fantastic fun and amusing sets... I am still giggeling about "The Dickhead Song" we got to witness as opening number. Paired with old movie vintage charm, who could resist such a charming turn-down.

P.S.: If you need song advice to get over any breakups, she's your woman!! ;)

Next up was Aelva with "I dont know what to do with myself" from The White Stripes. I ended up with RIDICULOUSLY many pictures of this set, since I was super scared the majority falls victim to the randomnes of glow-particle-high-res picture taking - and for a change, sl didnt screw it up.

You'll find more pictures on my flickr and in our Lady Garden Flickr pool! :D

I am super happy we got you with us, Aelva, I dont even want to speak about a "stage debute" with us here cause yeah..... haha... Thank you for bringing this!  Jackson Pollock and The White Stripes both would be proud of you ;D

Oh and the new girls usually clean up the club after show... just saying... ;)

The good news is, Aelva can share that clean-up duty with our next lady taking on stage. If you got particle spammed off the grid, here's the pictures! Kyra has returned to the Lady Garden after a longer absence and all I can say is... "Welcome Back!"

Apparently there was some secret mind transmission going on this time, so she brought us another addition to the star-collection with "A Sky full of Stars" by Coldplay.

Partner in crime for this set was another returned Minxette, Cordie, but more or her later down the timeline.

Next curtain was for no other than... *drumroll* KISMET. There is not much to say about her.. Silent mental support who pulls out the magic tricks when nobody looks :D Thanks for being here and you can't go anywhere cause we're neigbors now *evil laughter echoing through the sim* Mhuahahaha....

Kismet showed us "Whiter Shade Of Pale" by Sarah Brightman with this very dreamy, surreal set in an ocean of cosmic waves and tidings... I am blabbing now.. try to describe water and awesomeness in better ways yourself. ;)

Although there was most definitely an unplanned transition happening when Kismet's stage had poofed and my unexpectedly-fairy self took over stage, after a little time "In the Waiting Line", with well.. more water.

This song is an actually fairly old song from Zero 7 which I'll dedicate to "the sun and stars" in my life. (No, not a GoT reference, but happy coincidence haha)

As all good things come to an end, we have as well slowly reached the end of this show. At this point as well a massive big thanks and thumbs-up to our lovely emcee Red, who planned out everything with a nice flow of setup filler songs and as per usual, fantastic tunes for a little after show party. If not to watch the show, you really should at least come for that next time... just saying!

So now the time for last curtain: Our returned Minxette Cordie brought Michael Jackson along and showed us "A place with no name".

Rather fitting, dont you think?

I am lacking words and most definitely still particle dazed and oh-so-thrilled about your awesomeness, Ladies!!! Thank you so so so much for doing this with me every month over and over <3

Now not to forget.. our fantastic patrons. It means the world to us to see all those returning faces for each show. I counted 59 at the max peak but I'll be honest, I didn't constantly check, either. The house was filled so what does the number matter ;)

Thank you so much for your support of Lady Garden throughout the years, and welcome to all the first time visitors and new neighbors at Pegasoi. We're honored to have you join this adventure every month again.

Love and Kisses!