Saturday, 7 March 2015


And once again we fast forward the review of our last few months. DECEMBER. Wow. I made it before Easter, and a very special thanks in achieving that goes first to our lovely patrons, Sunny Difference and Marion Beresford who did succeed where I utterly failed this time.... PICTURES!

Thank you both so very much for adding them to our Flickr-Pool (yes, we have one, go check it out and join if you haven't yet! :D) and allowing us to use them for the blog. It's much appreciated and saves the day of record keeping (now if only somebody wrote the song titles in the description fields hahaha).

So on we go to our first christmassy star of the night - the lovely Babypea von Phoenix. She took us on a quick trip to Whoville and sure knew how to made the Grinch ungrinchy. He stayed. And forgot all about stealing the presents, too.... ;)

"Hey hooo there, Mister..."
Now try this for distraction!
I'd say that was just exactly what Angry-Face needed.. and if not, then sure our very own SexyS would make sure that there wasnt any tree-wracking going on.

And there you wondered why Santa has those super red cheeks....
"Where you think YOU're going, HUH?!"
I am still not sure if he was part of the set on purpose, or a never de-rezzing leftover of the previous set (yes, it was one of those SL days for me)... but whichever it was, it suited my image of this very inviting scenery just fine.

Guess Rudolph has his red nose from there, too...

Kismet came to save the day with some cooling off after the sunburn.. with this oh-so-charming snowglobe number and the cutest christmas song ever. Which was...... *drumroll*... somebody quick?? [crickets] Well it was cute. Seriously. To be continued.

Kismet turning the snowglobe world upside down
Of course what would christmas be without at least one "Santa Baby". This was quite the big selection of babes though instead, with Gal being our lead christmas treat for this very sweet candy pole and chair dance group number. I am really really sorry there isn't any more pictures :( It was just gorgeous!

Unpacking the presents.. just a bit more.
I went on stage eventually, too, although I have a strong feeling that it was not at this spot of the night.. just honestly can't remember so let's just pretend. This was a re-run of last year's set since I spent all focus this year on the final group number - more on that later. And it's probably still one of my favorite sets to this date so christmas can't even be often enough to find a reason to do it again. ;)

Candycanes and Peppermints and present boxes, too...

 I am really glad that Marion caught a picture of Ellen's set at least. Even if only a very narrowly cut one.

This was a kinda spooky goth-esque fog scene, with latex-booted reindeer mistress (or at least that's the best I can describe it :D).

Wish we had more pictures.. but, you can't win every day I guess so one is better than none!

On the flipside, we do have an over-abundance of the grande finale of our show.. and you'll quickly see why!

Our Minxettes turned into the sweetest candy and showed the Grinch how christmas is done when you're a happy ginger in a cookie jar.

"Lady Marmelade" wasn't a coincidential pick for the songtitle.. it was based on a true story! *nods sagely* TRUE FACT est. 2015!

So I'll just shut up now for the rest of this post and let the pictures speak for themselves. Thanks again Sunny for candy-perving behind curtain during setup, they made for some super interesting angles and images.

And most important, thanks to all the Ladies and our most fantastic and loyal patrons. It's a pleasure to raise curtain!

Hey Sista, Ho Sista. Time to get that Dough, Sista...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Moulin Rouge!
The grand finale of sugary explosions!

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