Sunday, 15 July 2012

A warm welcome back... or hot, rather!

June 22nd 2012 opening - Keri, Chandra, Chopsy and Clio heating up the room.

Why Hello out there behind the computer screen!

This is Chandra writing to you this time, and I am so excited I was given writing rights for LGC blog - what better thing to do now than wrapping up a brief summary of last show with all the pics I could gather :)

As we all know, our lovely Miss Chopsy had some "urgent RL matters" to take care of these past months... *winks* the more awesome to finally have "The Madame" (I think we can really call her that) back with even two sets in June's show!!

I wish i hadn't failed so hard to take pictures of the show until the last set, cause it was a super amazing one! In the end Elise and Quetee had mercy with me and allowed me to post some of her pictures of the show as well so we can share them with you all :) If you're on flickr, go stop by their streams and give them both some favorite-lovin' *winks*

The night's opening number was Clio with the "White Rabbit" remix version known from SuckerPunch. Unfortunately none of use apparently took any pictures of the set :( Following up to all our enjoyment, a second wonderland themed set of course from way-above mentioned "Mistress of Surprises" Chopsy as the Mad Hatter's concubine dancing to Kerli's "Tea Party" - anybody like to fill their cup?

Charmingly wicked Chopsy in action!

I know Elise squirmed in her chair with glee about all these Wonderland sets - and I'm sure one or the other guy did too with so much hotness on stage!

Next up on stage was Keri with a glamorous feather and sparkles routine in purple - such a beautiful set which I'll see if there's any pictures to be dug out to add later still. Unfortunately I didn't get to take any at all at first trying to multi-task between "watching", "clapping" and "finishing up the last bits of emotes" for my own set. *hides* (I am a total mess when it comes to preparation before a show)

Thanks to Elise we have that captured too though - and thanks to Opium fashion show were we took a little side-excourse last night (we would be Chopsy, Honey B and myself) I also finally did an own post-processed picture of "Summer Wine" set, which i had taken during preparation&practise time. *winks*

Ville Valo would likely have liked that Summer Wine a lot ;)

And finally for the final number of the night, Miss Chopsy had the curtains lifted one last time by a hundred butterflies - and again, other things probably lifted too at that sexy little number! I promise, for next show I'll try to be a bit better on taking a snap of everybody ;) It was such a spring-and-summer filled show, you truely missed out by missing it!

Chopsy last set is all powered by natural air-conditioning - brought to you by a thousand butterflies!

Hope to see you all around for our next show upcoming on July 21st 2012 at Lady Garden Cabaret - don't be foolish to miss it again ;)

Kisses and some more,

P.S.: Thanks Chopsy for letting me write - will do my best to dig out the older shots from LGC that I have and post some pictures one of these weeks :D

P.P.S: I think that picture I tried to sell you as "opening number" might have been the closing number of the night, actually *laughs*


  1. YAY!!!! I love this!!.. Chandra you are so cool :)))

  2. Nice post Chandra. The sets were gorgeous and so were the ladies dancing!