Monday, 17 February 2014

Little Reminder!

"Everything clear?" - "Yes Ma'am... just.. what direction does the stage face again?"

Wondering why there is no similar sign somewhere that says "WRITE FASTER!" ;)

Wishing a lovely evening to all my fellow Minxette-lettes, the busy Ma'am and our awesome Patrons. There are more posts in the pipe.. and not to forget our February show all colored in love and roses (LGC style, naturally) on Feb 28th - don't miss out! You'll regret it, as always.

Love and Kisses,


  1. you are so cheeky! its done you slave driver its done.. *sinks into a pile on the floor and downs copious amounts of wine*

  2. we all know by now you need to be kicked in the ass or delete the blog haha. so kicking it is :D