Tuesday, 18 February 2014

"A Madame's Nightmare Before Christmas"


"Chandra's Adventures As Madame Chopsy"


"The Elves Rocketh The Night Regardless"

It all started out as any normal day at the little joint known as "Lady Garden"... When unlocking the door, all was still silent. One of the cleaning ladies sitting nearby the stage and jumping up in excitement when the key clicks, stumbeling over a chair with big noise and just about catching her balance as Chandra enters. "Finally about time you lazy ass.. sleeping until that late at night?!" she instantly starts ranting, "Anybody ever think of the people who get locked in here and don't have keys?!" the air was filled with smoke and a hint of tipsyness oozes about the girl.. a few empty bottles too. 'Oooops' went through the Minxette's mind... "How could that happen..." she stutters, "Ummmm... drink?" she asks with a wide smile suddenly pretending to not have heard it and maybe few more of those glasses would help to make this little 'incident' not ever be brought up to the Madame... Power of forgetting she'd like to call it.

The Madame never fails to put the right mood into the occasion.

She tossed her jacket over a chair and headed backstage. Nobody there yet? How odd.

On one of the vanities she finds a scribbled note lying carelessly around. Of course curiosity gets the better of her, had the cleaning lady obviously already failed in cleaning it up anyhow.

"Festive greetings everyone! I shamefully realise now just how neglected this poor blog has been in past months! Faithfully.. I hold hand on heart and hang my head.. I will try harder.. I promise..Anyhoo with that out of the way as I felt most guilty about it! I continue on with the unveiling...Lets start with the Chistmas show! Spectacluar sets and just jaw dropping effects all round.."

Apparently Madame Chopsy had started already on the blogpost for christmas show even before it started.. how sweet. She must have felt really bad about the long dusty streaks on this blog. Apparently that's when the big wave of Minxettes poored in, the lights light up in the place and the chatting and conversing of the crowd swelled in evergrowing cheerfullness.

However, something was missing in this all. "Where's Chopsy?" keeps coming up in mention more and more often. Umm.... yeah.. where exactly was she?!

Time pushing further and further past the raising-of-curtains point, the Minxette's getting more and more nervous and words like "cancelling" or "moving the show" were dropped several time until one brave Minxette named Jen stepped up and volunteered to run the stream. "Okay so somehow we'll manage this. Everybody sent song links to Jen immediately so she can get them all lined up". Of course this took another little eternity to be accomplished, but eventually it got done. 'Just what.. lining up songs and people to be sent on stage? Sounds easy enough.' went through Chandra's mind, 'Chopsy can do it so it can't be so difficult' - good this was in mind only cause well... it proved to be a bit more tricky than just that. ;)

Diawa as always kept the crowds calm and somehow under control. [I believe she bribed them with promises of gifts and titty galore on stage. More about that later] At the point where there really wasn't any holding back, the jump in the cold water had arrived. "Ok lets get a act on stage! Chandra you good to go? Jen have everyones music?" our charming Hostess Diawa put a word down finally. Set rezzing, nervousity growing [as always, you never get rid of that] and eventually curtain rose with the charming song of Sarah Taylor filling the room.

Unpacking time with Chandra...

"I've got some presents for Santa... and He's got a BIG one for me......" piano started and the words were carried with sultry voice melodically into the room, to make audience draw their attention instantly to stage rather then the hot ladies and studs sitting nearby.

Some unpacked presents just never fail. Specially with the guys! 

"Ho, Ho, Ho" for everybody - Santa just does it so good!
Phew, somehow we survived that first rough 45-min-delayed start and from the looks of things, at least in front of the stage, Show was running smooth as usual from that point... but that hidden Minxette Communication Device in everybody's ear kept glowing and beeping with highly excited chatter trying to sort the mess and the repeated questions like "Who's next?", "Anybody ready to go??", "I need backstage dancers! Who has a matching costume??", "Which song is next, I need a name!!" - That's the point where you realize: A show without the all-knowing, over-seeing Madame is kinda stressful and you miss out on picture takings. That's the reason I have unfortuntely no picture of Lovely Miwa who braved the stage next! Of course it was most beautiful again with a Spanish/Mexican/SpanishSpeaking song "Quebradas" all fit to the occasion. [Miwa, maybe you can send a picture of your set my way to add here! <3]

Next up was Nicole with a most thoughtful set this christmas show and underlined by The Pogues - "Fairytale Of New York". I am still kinda getting gosebumps, not because of the obvious snow in her set, but the words fading in at the end of a beautiful homeless-Walz-performance in the middle of New York's streets: "Don't forget to support your local homeless during this Festive Season." Thanks so much Nicole for bringing that spirit and thoughtfulness along to the show! <3

However, one of those homeless Nicole had brought in did get a chance for a top spot chair while in dreams unpacking the huge giftbox our devious Diaphoni had placed on stage this eve. This was also the moment where it dawned on me what had happened to our fearless leader, as Dia's original helper for the prime-chair-spot was without internet that night: Chopsy had mentioned an upcoming change of internet provider a month or so before, so as she vanished fully unanncounced there was only one logic conclusion of "The Internnet Gods had messed up the switch." :(

Unpacking in the mind - Present Time is Good Time!

Diaphoni, Chandra and Jenna taking turns in front to present the goodies offered this Season.
Three saucy little Minxettes named Diaphoni, Jenna and Chandra were swaying hips and all other assets to Madonna's "Erotica" and "Justify My Love" remix in the most delicate high-class-stripper fashion. The packages got hot, I tell you! ;)

Following the unpacking extravaganze was Diaphoni's solo set, which was just the most pretty finisher of this fine christmas cookie known as the historic "When the Madame lived in Internet Outage Space" Christmas Show. [At this point I am also a bit happy for torturing and slave-driving Dia into building when all she really wanted what chat in IMs that week before...]

Finishing with a winter wonderland of cookies and cream...
I forgot what the song was at this point but I blame the organization behind the scene. :D So hopefully Dia can enlighten us on that one again and I will update.

Dia teaching the reindeers how to cheer: One foot left, and one foot right, some titty-shake, and rinse-repeat.

One last glimpse into the audience and Santa's Elf's rear...
And eventually it all was said and done... The Minxette Christmas Elves have done it!! A massive huge THANK YOU at this point to all who were involved and helped to get the show out of cancellation-crisis, and our amazing audience for sticking with us through the heavy delay. Another special "Thank You!" goes to Jen for taking over the stream and getting the chaos managable with running the tunes, and Diawa, for her wonderful support in keeping the audience entertained and up-to-date. And thanks to Diawa as well, everybody who made it to the end of the show went home with a little present as well. ;)

Here's a few pictures of the grand finale, improvised as usual by Diawa's endless fund of dances in her HUD. [I have more pictures from Kaijah but need to still download from SL]

Candy, Canes and Sweet Sticky Goodness... and Unwrapping, of course!

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