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Review on 2013 in "Best of LGC" Fashion

2013 has passed increadibly fast this year. And as per usual, we'd like to take a look back at what happened during the last year at Lady Garden Cabaret. This time, we did so on January 31st.

And yet again one of those famous moments before curtain..

Nobody knew what was about to roll over them..
Kicking off the night this time was Gal with a little bit of Evil.. And boy did she rock those bones in true Minxette style!

Movements were a bit clunky and then there was that ratteling sound when
they danced.. but overall the dead dudes did well.

I hear there is an overwhealming increase of application these days with all sorts of undead signing up for LGC once they realize hell isn't quite as cool as our shows where. Luckily "The Madame" Chopsy has a soft spot for boners.. umm. bones and anything creepy so they are given a chance to prove themselves from time to time..

Now stop asking about that knife and follow me.
..and they passed the audition for backstage dancers thanks to Gal's necro-Skillz!
 Things are a bit fuzzy on my end which order was going on that night (thanks to dates on hard drive with the pictures there's some hoping to recall it accurately, minus the missing set picture ones), and the surprisingly insane lag this time didn't help that fact. SL was pretty screwed - but of course a true Minxette isn't gonna give up the battle.

Nicole even tried to take us away from this mess with this awesome vintage airplane and the most brave pilots one will ever see....

I think something went wrong though cause eventually the plane lost direct course and did some looping-near-crash detour throug the stage. It must have hit the ground pretty close cause surely those pilots were gone afterwards and it had picked up some brazilian beauties instead to try and get us landed. Very cool effect, but sadly I didn't catch a picture.

Luckily though, Kaijah did. This is a link to her flickr image!

Next up was Rina, back down to earth and less risky, however clearly more risque instead! She showed us yet again how a good ragdoll would behave, by loosing more and more of the previously almost dressed attire. I'm sure somebody will approve!

Rule number one.. if it's getting hot, undress, to make it hotter!
One bad side effect of this performance became apparent during the next set this night performed by Rug... Apparently all the tumults at LGC so far had attracted extraterrestrial attention. And they arrived just in time for Rug's goose-bump guaranteeing entrancing War of the Worlds performance.

They landed just in time to find snack-size Rug on stage...

However, one big advantage of small is the ability to fastly dance-wiggle out of the scanned zones! 
Turns out they didn't get what they wanted and Rug was just too slick for them to get a hold of - so they stomped back off to assumingly the next McDonalds or BurgerKing to get themselves some well fed juicy B├╝rger instead.. (little pun for the Germans out there)

I have no idea anymore when my turn was that night, so figure I'll just toss it in here. It may have been 2nd though. And I don't have pictures either! So here's again one courtesy of Kaijah's flickr stream - I love the messy particle-chain rain that happened here!

This was the pimped-up re-run of June's "In Your Room" set by Depeche Mode. Probably the best worked out set to this date give the 8 months with multiple re-works preparation time with days straight of song looping! Don't try that at home.. it's nervewracking. Or your neighbors will ring super anxiously prepared to call the cops if you don't open.. could be lying there dead for days after all - as I was told by a fellow Minxette who had that happen one day while preparing a show set :D

Then of course another highlight of the past year - "Moulin Rouge" from our Hollywood show in May! Chopsy choreographed this group set and no matter how often you see it, it's fun every time again. I don't usually like uploading broken pictures, but the framing of the stage with all the curtains and glitter looks so fantastic in this one. So just ignore the weirdly rezzed hair or non-existing boots and textures. Or see it as proof that I wasn't exxaggerating earlier on when saying SL was screwed! :D

SL was clearly not quite there that night!
The Madame grinned wide that un-rezz-y-ness had hit the other Minxettes
and not her flawless self...
Hey, Sister, Ho, Sister... Let's go if there's no dough, Sister.
The Minxettes filling in.
Pink showed up at least - but what's up with all them other slackers?!
Then there was Cher with "My Immortal" from Evanescence. I believe this was a set shown originally as last years Halloween show, which I am glad I could see in full length this time (as I so epically failed to show up on time that first night).

Kick that grief to the curb, the Cher is back!
"Hmm.. looks like her... doesn't quite SMELL like her................. Ah what the heck!"
In a beautiful ghostly ballet inspired fashion Cher graced and floated around the stage, no surprise the poor griefing guy had his mind all over the place eventually, and so did the audience.

Ghosts have been using curtains for ages.
Everybody knows that!
Speaking about audience - the crowd was yet again fantastic. I can't quite recall but I think we hit the 60s again at some point. Definitely at a steady 52 for a while :D Thanks for sticking with us - and the brave relog attempts even after the 5th crash (poor Dru).

Open the damn thing! Gimme more Gimme MORE!
Nearly last was the Madame herself again. Rocking stage with Lourde's "Royals" from November show once again. Can't blame her on that, the effects were fantastic! Again I have no pictures of this (some parts just always wouldn't rezz) so I'll borrow the amazing portrait shots Kaijah caught of this!

And what a surprise, the Royal Horse Guards came back again as well that night .. couldn't be any better fitting finisher than this fun group set by Drill-Seargent Rug. All the Minxettes need their training from time to time, after all. And it certainly made the Queen smile.

She acts all innocent and cute, but beware that Yell!
The Brits took claim of the stage!

Thanks again to everybody who came out to play that night - all the Minxettes and Chopsy for successfully running the shows every month again and of course all the amazing crowd who comes out to support us every month. We love you for bringing that passion along to our little cabaret!!

Of course the official show ended here, but turns out, the inofficial after-party was just about to beginn.. and boy, what fun did we have :D

Queen-Battle on stage is all I can say.. In true Broadway Show Finale style!

I'll leave you with those pics for final impression and hope to see you all at the next show this February 28th at Lady Garden!

Love and Kisses,

It's official. Blogger does some funky stuff and color conversion when uploading pictures to the blog :P Stop by our flickr group at to see all the pictures of all the shows in the past years in larger size without the additional "artistic freedom" of blogger ;)

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