Monday, 6 May 2013

::Food For Thought...::

With spring in the air everyone gets a little excited, and for some reason all we could think of was smearing ourselves with whipped cream and making a terrible mess.. so what was born?... a complete show based around food!.. and my oh my what a show it was!
At first we had some head scratching to be done.. "what the heck kinda food can I dance around and be sexy with?" I think was on everyone's minds but its amazing what comes to mind if you let it wander....

Foooood glorious food.....
The start of the show I'm sure made a few mouths water.. for providing the creamaliciousness of a group set was the Chandra herself, a delectable offering for us to wriggle amongst...paired with the most apt song "Birthday Cake" made for some sweeeeeet viewing

This wasn't in the brochure!
The outfits didn't leave much to the imagination.. and we could not complain for Chandra had gagged us all.. quite literally!..

With nothing but a smear of piping protecting our modesty we battled on through the most difficult of sets...

The new Jane Fonda workout was quite popular with the boys

We welcomed some new faces to the troupe, already gagged so they cant scream for help, the hugely talented Jena and Toxic joined us for the show bringing their own little slices of heaven which you will see shortly...

 Then it was time for something very random indeed....

Udderly fantastic...
As always I aim to please.. and this time I could quite literally take aim..

Pow Pow!
Bringing a little country to the stage I dropped in an udderly fab set to the beat of Kelis's Milkshake... very apt I thought..

Amazing what ya find lurking in dem fields!
Not wanting to disappoint with the lack of flesh on show I thoughtfully stripped to a little cowhide corset.. well.. the men needed boobs!

After we had the stage mopped briefly.. the cows.. what can you do!..
We served up another delight...

Balls and bananas what more could you ask for
 Chandra skidded her way onto the stage delighting us with her jiggling and shaking of a most delicious outfit along to "Dame La Banana"

Would you complain if you found this in your custard??
Who could be more graceful whilst adorned in fruit.. lemme ask you!

Who next to grace our stage I hear you ask?... Yes shes back finally! SIERRRRA

My my what a saucy sweety shoppe
 Rocking into view she came a thundering.. bringing her own kinda candy alongside "Candyshop" she sure showed us what she got....

This most definitely IS bad for your health
Nice to have ya back woman!!!

Lucy wiggled her way to the stage next dressed as the ever lickable easter bunny.. pleading with alongside the cries of "I want Candy!"

The easter bunny squeeeeeks

With a hop and a kick she got the eggs a rolling.. complete with her guard bunny...

She will regret that loading us up with all that sugar!

Up next one of our new recruits.. the titillating Toxic!.. she was a pro!.. just waltzed right on out and showed us how its done!..

I'd like two lumps please
 Showering us with the sweetness of a little "Sugar in my bowl" she glided her way amongst such a pretty and oh so sparkly set.. She has arrived...

I DARE you to lick em!
I know im looking forward to seeing what other delights she whips outta the bag....

Hot on her tail we offer forth on a platter another fresh new face.. Jennnnnnnnnnnna!....

Orders in..
 Rocking out with a little "Roxy Roller" she wowed us with a fab set.. I still wish to steal that pinny!!

The food was the last thing on their minds!
 I really enjoyed this number, what an entrance!

She definitely serves a shake with them fries!
The Icing on the cake for the night was the gran finale... Pouring some sugar on us Cordie knocked us dead with a great audience participation number! Pics I hope will follow as that one eludes me lol
First time I think Ive actually seen people dancing at the club!
Excellent night had by all, brilliant debuts by the new girls!! Shows never fail to make me smirk with glee at what we throw together.. :)
Huge HUGE thanks to Chandra for yet again remembering to snap away while the panic sets in.. and for sharing these gorgeous piccies with us, without her efforts we would surely have a dull blog indeed! Our lovely Scarlett did a mighty fine job of hosting these shenanigans...

I'll be your cake for the evening....

As always I'm so very grateful for all the effort involved in bringing forth these shows of wonderous-ness.. and love every darn tootin minute of it!
Heres to the next batch of piccies.. slowly being kneaded into the sparkle that glams up our pages..
Thanks to our patrons who turn out ever faithfully to see what we conjure up each month..
Much Love to you all <3 xxx


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