Sunday, 31 March 2013

Chopsy's Easter Present...

...from the official "Queen of Seasonal Fail" this year is....


*curtain opens*

...Our xMas-Show Pics!!
[I mean, what better thing to do on Easter Sunday morning while waiting for my better half to wake up, right?]

And let's be honest, we can't miss having our season's Show "Christmas with an Overcast" on here, especially since the world didn't end the day after! ;)

Look what's behind that curtain!
What nobody knows is that undernath that tophat are the hidden easter bunny ears.. and wonder why she's covering her tail? Right! It was PLANNED to be revealed on Easter what smut the christmas elves at LGC were doing! Only that things went all different as planned, but shhh, we don't want to spill the beans too soon .. just keep  on reading ;)

That being said, there was naughty stuff with candycanes going on... and they did drop a piece of clothing or two! 

Gal made quite the promises to Santa...

Enough at least, to make sure the extraterrestrial forces would bother to take a landing on stage to check out the ongoings down there... But Rug chased them off, thankfully, before they could capture anybody or hurt any of our lovely Minxettes!

They left again after Rug had a word with them.
...and whimsical Christmas could continue uninterruptedly.

So the christmas elves could just merrily move on and Santa Babies were all over the place while raindeers stared at their moving asses.... um... "assets*" of course - damn keyboard ;D [*according to Webster's, that's shortened for ass-kicking sets! ;)]. And as usual, there were a lot of sets that I didn't get snapshots from, and fantastic songs picking up either Christmas or the end of the world... or both! 

There was ONE important message to be learned this year though. 

The fate of the Sweet...
While we were concerned there for a DAY about a possible end of the world, there are many living in constant fear of said end over and over again, every year that we joyfully celebrate christmas. This year their official spokeswoman, Miss Ginger, came all the way to Lady Garden Cabaret to point out this desaster of destruction and year-after-year crumbling..

Underlined with Adele's "Skyfall" of course.

"Miss Ginger" fighting with for the Rights of Gingerbread men and women!
Peppermint tassles captivate the audience and ensure people listen.... kinda.

Well at any rate, our fantastic audience did take note of the message... or the peppermint tasssles at all. I mean.. C'mon.. how often do you see stripping gingerbread, right?! Eventually though those aliens caught glimpse of her and threw some forks to get a bite too - and the yearly fate of these poor creatures was about to happen again if it hadn't been for our very attentive Hostess Scalett, who efficiently managed to throw the bacon in between so they went to eat that first. Luckily we could get Miss Ginger off stage unharmed, just with a scratch or two, and the knowledge she'd gotten away with her life THIS End of the World.

And forks came falling from the sky!! How did Adele know?!!
So how did the story go on you ask? GOOD that you ask. It got pretty wild after this, really.

As our lovely Minxettes were milkshaking their assets into a grand finale, it would appear that the aliens were done with the bacon and went for part two of the menu... Rug, you gotta work on your convincing arguments some more, girl - or your extraterrestrial language skillz ;) 

It's the End of the World, and we know it!
After the first shock of the ceiling coming down, everything went just nuts... They were for real this time, those aliens. And more and more pieces came falling aparet of our lovely home cabaret! 

It was getting pretty hot by now... not hotter than usually, just different hot. Not like it bothered our routined showgirls much.. or the even cooler audience. May sky and hell break loose, nothing that could shake LGC's Madame Miss Chopsy, who cracked the towel whip on the girls' asses and made sure that the show just went on as planned.

The Minxettes heating up the stage!

So the morale of the story:

The world won't end, unless Chopsy says so!

Happy Easter Lovelies, go and get yourself some eggs :D

Love and Kisses!

P.S: Good news Minxettes!
I took pictures of our Easter Show too.. At current rate, I'd say they will be up before Halloween ;)

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