Friday, 8 March 2013

VERY belated update....

Ok ok I should be spanked, I just realised there is nothing new here since August last year! Gah.. have I honestly neglected you so?....
Well in order to make amends I bring you good stuff a plenty!
So... Some good shows have passed since my last update!!
Notably, the halloween special was an amazing night!! thanks to Chandra's eagle eye and fast trigger finger we have a glorious selection of piccies to peruse, What would I do without you Chandra my lovely!!
Im digging into my grey matter to recall all the goodness, I honestly am as its been so long!
Alot of new girls have found us in the last few months!!
Nicole, Lucy, Ari, Jena, Toxic, these are just the gorgeous creatures I can recall at this moment (its 5:43 am and im blurry eyed :P) And im crossing my fingers these little gems discover just how much fun this is and decide to call us home for the forseeable future :)
Ok well then, lets get on with the show....

I'd opt for the treat if I were you...

 Now, I dont recall in what specific order or generally the songs, Im amazing but not THAT amazing lol.

What a nun must do to get her supper these days...

 We kicked off proceedings with a saucy little intro fit for the pope, a very clean and good opener with "nun" of the seedy innuendos.. oh come on!! its 6am.. cut me some slack! Now I remember this was Gagas "Bloody Mary" Bless Rug in the middle, the tiny litle thing amongst the hips...
The tentacles commeth...
Then the Chandra graced us with her performance, she never fails to impress with her sets, I'm a detail fanatic so I love the fuss she adds to em all

I WILL beat you with my sticks!
Who'd of thought orange could well and truely be rocked! Loved it :) Just wish I could recall the song lol

Entre... I dont bite
We had to have a demon somewhere....
And that demon child was me.. hooves and all... Rocking along to Band of skulls "Devil takes care of his own" This felt like something stolen from one of those demonic clubs that were all the rage circa 2008/09

Eeeeek I dont even wanna know what shes been eating..

Keri the gorgeous thing got our blood flowing, quite literally with her number, a vision of red as she swaggered..

Im a little tea pot....
Ruggles wowed us with her "Sway" showing us just how easy it is to tease with nothing but light and sparkle.. gorgeous..

Pesky birds nicked my dress!
Im am going to steal that dress from her one day..

Honey.. what can be said about Honey.. the original showgirl.. always makes me gasp... awww how we miss you woman!! get spring/summer out the way! we want you back! :)

Graveyards were a joyful place these days
She wowed us with an amazing amazing set!! has to be one of my all time favs!! when the big boys kicked in.. oh my god...
not scared much... clowns.. *shudders*
This was sooooo cool! I loved it!!.. you had to be there to really get the feel for it! very cool.

We did have more sets that night but I donth have pics for those :(

We ended the night with a zombie stomp up...

Ooooh hes cute!
Thanks to Poosy for the set and the skin!! This was a cool finale!! We eventually seeped into the crowd to gangnam stomp their asses into dancing with us...

you WILL dance with us!
What a show... this left me with such a good feeling inside, we really know how to entertain :)

"2nd halloween down... many more to go :)
So that was October...
September... no show I think?.. gosh if there was.. girls, I cant remember lol! above...?
The only other I can recall is the christmas show? been digging round for pics and couldnt find any other than those.. I really need to hire a photographer!

Now.. This was such a cool show!! I actually got pics of every set almost.. which.. I found out later had been mostly of asses due to the fact my settings were all strange lol BUT I saved something from the ashes.. I made a great little collage of snippits from the show..

Xmas show "end of the world" 2012
Some new girls joined us for this one, Nicole and Lucy, hats off to you ladies for jumping in at the deep end :)
Chandra was a saucy little Gingerbread lady complete with tassles and an edible house, very cute!
Keri had a gorgeous homely set and a most teasing outfit!
Nicole came in with a bang with her number, complete with Snowball throwing elf on the roof!
Rug amazed us with her martian and apocoliptic set, loved this!!
Gal wowed us with her classic and sultry strut using the Mover.. oooh this will be mentioned further into the blog!
Lucy stunned us with her snakes...
And I added the fairy on the tree..
Wish I had more pics, Im sure some are floating around, If I can find more I shall add :)

An AMAZING year, 2012 we salute you...

Now... 2013...

Spot on productions and the LGC put together a sparkly number fronted by Gina herself, what a fabulous this was!! Thank you soooo much Gal and Rug for your endless hard work and perfectionist skills.. They put together the entire set and made the outfits!!
This was really something :)

This was a cracking night, some amazing songs sang by gina live while the Minxettes and the Kittens gyrated their way through the numbers, thankfully some kind folk took pics and made a vid!!
Check out the link to the group photos as Bear Silvershade kindly added some amazing ones of us all dancing. Thank you tonnes!!

Lady Garden Cabaret Group Photos

And thank you to the lovely person who made the video!!

We hope to do more stuff like this in the future!!
Gina your amazing, can we keep you! :)

Also this was an amazing introduction to the Spot On Mover system, a great and nifty little gadget which just knocks your socks off, for group sets, choreographed moves within sets, wow, and it does not stop there.. possibilities are endless!!

What a start to the year!!!

We had to do it.. the valentines thing of course...who can resist!
Chandra has alot to be blamed for, its all because her club update had some fancy valentined themed decor... which did look super when matched with pink chairs lol It was a vision and a sea of pink!
Chandra opened a chocolate box of delights with her number, shes always so cute!
I added a little classroom lecture with my offering, giving out some simple facts of life as I whipped off my bra..
Rug added the classic beauty with her swaying and shimmering AND bought us the most fabulous group set!! Who would of thought a bearskin hat could be sexy?....
Diddy joined us fresh from the Kittens, adding a great little dance number!
Again my ass graced us with a cheeky scissor sisters act, very sparkly!
Allthough we did not have many girls we had plenty of acts, and it was a fab show!! No pics :(
If I can find some I will add asap.

Ok I think that brings us up to date at last!

New addition..
We have a sister club at the LGC! I added a wee and petite venue for some simple entertaining and shindiggery etc, something is in the pipeline hopefully for this place, but for now, its a very pretty stage to practice on lol

There is a teleport pad (small black disc on the left side) on the balcony at the club for anyone wishing to check it out :)

Be sure to check out the other venues and shows we have advertised on the balcony as some of these are just amazing!! And some of my personal Favs!!

Our next show is coming up on the 22nd March, it is already planning to be huge! you dont want to miss out!!
Facebook has finally won me over, we now have a page there also for anyone wishing to "like" etc, I'd hoped to be able to link here and there but it seems they scuppered my plans by removing that option :( if anyone knows how I can do such trickery, please lemme know.

Lady Garden Cabaret Facebook Page

Well, and there blows 6 months.. still amazes me what we have here, I love it!
Thank you girls for making it what it is :)
Chandra, your pics rock, thank you  x
I promise I wont make you wait so long next

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