Saturday, 4 June 2011


Welcome to the weekend people!!.. and what a way to kick it off than with another amazing Burlesque Bustle!! This week saw 2 new arrivals gracing the LGC stage.. and what an entrance!! Some gorgeous pics curtesy of Dunamek this week..
Mafia were so glam nowadays! Chris strikes a pose...
First up to the plate was our fresh faced Christara, who after hosting last week wasnt scared off so yey! she kicked off with an amazing set.. got us all hot and bothered under the collers! For her first show with us she certainly wasnt shy! that dress was whisked off quicker than i could shout for absinth!
The new security system was a little eerie...
I always did say... Shea wasnt from this world!
 Second show of the day was our little star Shea.. who really did bring the stardom to the stage on this one.. AWESOME! complete with visitors popping their heads over the dunes.. she wasnt shy at all! getting all her tentacly things out for all to see... these aliens are a frisky bunch I tells ya! She never fails to make my mouth hang limply when those curtains open..
Nowadays they communicated with a dance off..

Then yours truely made my wiggle to the stage.. I dont know what had come across me this week.. I got a bad case of disco fever.. maybe it was the shiny balls?.. I will never know... BUT I sure am a fan of polka now!
An astounding array of globes...
Then with anticipation Honey gathered her ruffles and edged her way forward... Bringing what I can only describe as DIVINE! except for the clown... why the clown!! they are freaky! *hides*.... BUT he did make it just scrumptious!! She burnt up the stage with her kinky little performance.. never one to leave a soft lap in the house!
She teetered her way forward.. to the chants of "hes behind you" from the crowd
This was a really entertaining lil set.. I do look forward to our Honeylicous's ones!
Her futile attempts to dissuade the circus fiend with her juggling act failed.. due to the fact she was missing a ball
Our lovely newest addition to the family Lila made her way up.. tough act to follow.. but the brave lil thing got straight into it!
she ran flailing from the harlots that loitered in those back streets by the bakery...
She astounded us with her gorgeously haunting set..
Toy chests got frisky nowadays..
Bringing a sweetly dark music box scenario.. absolutely lovely!!.. I think I didnt speak the whole time!.. great song!! WTG Lila.. looking forward to more from this young lady! Who knew those dollys wore such kinky undergarments!!
No wonder dads love playing with the music boxes so...
 Then for her second time, bless her!! Chris.. only just getting her breath back gave us another show! writhing on rose petals as she wowed us with her saucyness... very innocent yet naughty... loved it!WTG Chris.. looking forward to more from you too doll!
allmost knee deep in petals she decided it was never gonna land on "he loves me not"...
So.. yet again an amazing show ladies and gents.. big thanks to the girls and our lovely host Sierra.. who keeps them guests on their toes! and welcoming billi to the floor this week.. she did a grand job getting us all drunk!.. we blame you for the squiffy pics missy :P
Twas a lonely spot in the monkey cage.. she rarely got to throw poop these days...Sierra ponders life...
Heres looking forward to the next one.. as always we will amaze and delight you.. or we are retiring lol. Thanks again to Duna for the piccies.. awesome job!.. as always send in any pics  you take as I love posting guests offerings.. Fridays 3pm.. be there or be square.. much love <3 xx

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