Monday, 30 May 2011

The Second Bustling Bootay!


Well the second bustle has gone without a hitch.. awesome!, such creativity from these girls! I love it! This weeks Minxettes were Mel, Myself, Shea and the gorgeous Honey who, making her first appearance this week, I thought ROCKED! Big thanks to Christara our newest Minxette for hosting for us at short notice!

American Idol tryouts were getting complicated nowdays..
First up to the spotlight was Shea with a heart pumpingly energetic set, full of awesome effects and her trademark lightshows.. never one to leave you unsatisfied. she wowed us into pink lusting after this little number.
the idea light pinged once she remembered where she had hidden that pastie glue..
 Next up to the plate was yours truely.. I fancied a wet rubber induced play... NO you filthy minded harlots!.. I meant a simple walk in the rain in my raincoat! Tsk Tsk..
Streetwalkers really were getting scanty these days...
 Then next to tantilise and tease us was the one and only Honey.. she bought out a devilish display of kink and depravity.. always the best kind of play to be had in the afternoon dont you agree? Excellent set thought must be said!! she had me panting!
Military school was so much fun these days..
Minxy Mel was up next.. delivering a rather leather clad display of raunchy, reminding us indeed, why they are referred to as "Hells Angels".. as clearly indictaed in the pic.. *coughs*
The waitress was insistent that it was the burly bikers whiffing the joint out and not her!!
After that lathered up the crowd we were in need of some calming.. so out I came again.. performing a rather dreamy sequence.. a very rare occasion for me.. as I refuse to ever entertain a white dress, but somehow it fitted for this..

They vowed to never again let her at the beans..
So.. there we have it ladies and gents.. everyweek this just gets better and better.. huge thanks to Rex our in house photographer working out of Prestige photography studios for these shots.. Welcome to the family Chris and Aditi! your gonna love it!
Dont miss us next week, as always i will keep the blog updated, and please send me any pics you take if you visit.. Id love to get some guests on here with us too :)
As always Fridays at 3pm..  see you there! and dont forget the crackers!

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