Friday, 22 April 2011

New Schedule...

Summer is here.. the party starts... our new scheduling times will now be:
Mondays at 3pm SL time.. we will be having a Burly Boudoir afternoon...light refreshing entertainment.. with some teasingly tempting minxes just waiting to sit on your lap and steal your cigars!
Wednesdays at 3pm SL time.. its the Pin Up Gals!!.. Let them shimmy and hustle their way to your hearts!..
And last but not least is our Weekly extravaganza.. Fridays at 3pm SL time.. The Burlesque Bustle.. a divine collection of girls bring you a performance of some favourite songs and routines alongside some saucy stripping.. dont miss it! So.. be sure to keep your limo driver close... These gals need a ride home after work..
Much love <3

1 comment:

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