Saturday, 16 April 2011


Well.. the dust has settled.. we are home.. after a move to the sky and a new style of club we are finally beginning to enjoy the lifestyle, practice is in motion of our upcoming shows we shall be bringing as soon as we can get the poles from our butts! A fresh introduction to Burlesque on the grid! We have so many new faces now! hard to keep up with us all.. But latest Rosebuds Jaq and Younha! welcome ladies! Shes a real life showgirl dontcha know our little Jaqqypoos.. going to be getting her ass singing for her supper once walmart opens for a new mic!
Thinking of live singers? whats the general thought on those these days?.. be kinda funky to get the stage lit up and dirtied once in a while..?
Well I must get back to my polishing.. these knobs dont glitter like this on their own you know!
Thanks again to the girls.. without you all, this club has no soul.. and the Vips.. without you all, this club has no shoes...
Keep checking back for more news!!.. now the clubs feeding itself my hands are free to write.... *evil laugh here*

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