Wednesday, 13 April 2016

"WE ARE 5!"

I dont even know where to start when thinking back on all those years. What a ride! What an amazing pool of creativity! What a fantastic audience! 

There's seriously no words for what The Minxettes have created over these past 5 years, and I'd like to start this post off with sending a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who have been part of the troupe during this time. WE ARE FIVE!

And, i also really wanted to show you the fantastic birthday cake Gal made us for the occasion! It was intended to be for her anniversary set stage, but turns out, two stop signs ruined the plan....... So it turned into the most fantastic celebration decoration, instead. If you didnt see it live, it'll be there during April as well until we re-decorate for May's Enchanted Lady Garden show.

Anway, let's move to the actual show!

Opening number of the night was no other than one of our longest still active Minxettes, Diawa, with her FAME Bowie tribute...

 I love this stage, the colors are absolutely amazing and the performance flawless as usual. Thanks so much for sticking with us all this time Di, and all the motivation you've been giving me to keep the club running <3

Also just to mention at the beginning, here's a glance at our lovely hostess and DJ of the night, Red, high up on her swing watching the show and spinning the tunes...

There is no other with this amazing selection of cover songs that go so perfectly well with about any music one of our girls picks for their sets.... I'm still amazed how she finds those!!

Also if I recall correctly, this should be about the time Red actively joined our troupe in the last year... Or was it February? Or January even?? I admit I'm a bit foggy at that... I'll have to investigate :D

Regardless how long, thanks for all your work and patience with our little jumpy troupe of fleas, crazy lady!

So let's shift our view back down to the actual scenes behind curtain.


This was set #2 of the night, Aelva, with her tantalizing "Sugar So Fly" group number. Guess who went straight for the poles....

The stage was just super gorgeous, especially if you could watch it with materials enabled. I usually dont have shadows/materials shaders enable during shows, but I turned it on for this so you all get to see it the way it was "intended" to be seen. Special mention at this point of the shiney sparkley appliers Rug made for Spot On, cause well... we're proud of the deeds of our Minxettes even beyond the stage :D

This is just beyond gorgeous. I love the mix of dreamy and modern, and I'm so glad we got to get that little "experimental" side of yours out of hiding Aelva. Thinking about it, there's LGC-joining-anniversary time for you coming up as well, isnt it? Thanks for all your work and involvement at the Lady Garden ever since you started dancing with us! So glad to have you!

The next number of the show was a special request, cause well.. S was super busy during April with Exodus show, and I couldnt have her not be part of the anniversary show given the fact she's as well one of our longest lasting still active Minxettes <3

So set 3 of the night was performed by SexyS, the so much fun croc act from our Peter Pan show once more. I seriously love this routine!! Very glad we got to see it again for the birthday party... in case you wonder, the croc ate the cake and some dancers, that's why he's so fat.

We worked ourself to set 4 of the night, performed by Exhi, and omg it was fantastic!! So here's a full rain of pictures as so much was happening in this performance that I'd hate to mss anything in the pics ;)

She made her point pretty clear on HOW much Burning Desire she has in her... Thanks so much for bringing your creativity to our little troupe Exhi, so happy to have you! And you can't go anywhere else anymore just so you know :P

Speaking about cars and hot chicks... we got more of them!!

This was Kismet, trolled by the doves of Second Life that make prims go boom! I would love to share a screenshot she sent me at this point, but I think she'll tar and feather me and she looks kinda bad ass so I'll take a pass :P  Regardless of them doves, she's handeling it like a pro and this stage looked super cool with its catwoman-cartoon-villain-gone-rogue-joker-style appeal! We so should do a villain show some day!

I keep repeating myself, again, time of being with the troup does that cause I get more chances to post it: Thanks for all your dedication, passion and time with us Kislet ;)

Also we are nearly at the end of this show. Coming up next is the second-last set of the night, presented by Eostri. She proved that the myth of Siren's is not neccessarily one of fish tails. Look at those legs!

So glad I got to see this as well now, this siren number was her audition piece for LGC by the way, and I'd say after all we've seen of her so far: We caught a big fish :D

And so we do finally arrive at the end of the night, with myself gracing the stage in a "you will never forget it" K-pop cake style... I dont know what it is about sugar sweet Asian kitsch with me.. it wins my heart. Also I blame some of the inspiration on Misse, because her hand drawn stages are just beyond amazing and this one clearly needed some pastel kitsch too, even if my whip cream does remind me of garlic cloves :P  However with all being put together I will say, the stage looks like the song sounds. So be warned if you ever click the video link on Cole's flickr!

I got myself some backup support from Diawa and Rug. Admittedly, this wasn't planned at very first due to lack of time, but I ran into Di a week before the show, wearing that little baby pink latex outfit that just screamed "YOU'RE IN!!" And I'll be honest, the song in theory would have needed at least 4 more anyhow if you just go by k-pop traditions! :D

 And thus ends once again one fantastic show and one fantastic year at the Lady Garden. Amongst the full array of celebrations and anniversary, this also concluded our first year at Pegasoi as part of the Ippos Collective, and I can say from the depth of my heart, THANK YOU Duchess for letting us move in and being the most fantastic Landlady we've ever had. <3

On to another successful year, everybody!!


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