Monday, 15 February 2016

Kicking off 2016

So Lady Garden Cabaret started 2016 this year with a very fine show of balanced mix between 2015 highlights and 2016 teasers.

We're so excited to spend another year with you all, it'll be our 5th anniversary in March and there's just not enough words in this language to express what an amazing journey it has been..... Okay well I'm trailing off into the future here, enough for now, you'll get more of the ravishing thank-you-posts once the actual celebration month is here :D

On to the visual candies of our January 29th show - I can tell by the anticipating audience that I overstayed my introduction welcome! ;)

We started this fine day with a proper New Year's Dinner. Lobster à la Carte well buttered up, with champagne and ice to lighten the mood. It was Love at 1st Sight!

This group opener was a repetition of our group set during last August's "The Little Mermaid" show. As the sim had been packed with many many desperate IMs that couldnt get on the sim anymore, we decided to give it a repeat again for your viewing pleasure ;)

Next up our lovely little Aelva. And once again she didn't disappoint! Not only did she fly through space to come and dance today, she also created her usual magic in the process to make sure nobody looks away as the scene evolved and evolved.

 I am not sure how we survived without her in our midst... let's just make sure to keep her trapped :D

Likewise, this next galactic princess here should only be tied down - I think, infact, that's what Kismet did to Leia when taking over her spot to lead the rebells against the Empire.

Little did we know when we received an S.O.S. to the world with Sting's "Message in the bottle" - turns out that one came from real Leia, who turned up 2 days later gagged and tied in the cabaret backstage dressing closets......

Kismet managed to leave the stage without larger building desasters. Needless to say, SexyS made up for that and destroyed the theater thoroughly. Nothing a little fist-bump can't do where light sabers plainout failed..... :D

SexyS just never disappoints with her eclectic and oh-so-different song and set choices. I admire her! omg I am fan-girling again aint I.........  thanks for making us complete, S <3

Next up this dreamy and beyond gorgeous set reminding of Boticelli's "The Birth of Venus" - I think after seeing Exhi bring this old Master's piece to life, we'll have to rename her to Exhibition-ista Nirvana ;)

Those pretty framed decor pieces left and right are Aelva and Galilla, in case you didnt recognize by the blonde flowing manes yet... ;)

And, finally, the old Masters pass on to the new ones as "The Diva" Bellic takes 100% possession of the stage with Nine Inch Nails closing the night with some ass-kicking beats and well... that amazing, hypnotizing light show and perfectly synced group moves that we well... pretty much came to expect ;)

Thanks everybody for making this January a fantastic show opener for 2016 - let's look for ward to many many many more of this caliber ;)


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