Monday, 2 November 2015

Creepy Things

Behold the wonders that is the Halloween at Lady Garden Cabaret... Come inside, and never leave.. - ooops I ment.. never want to leave cause it's been so fantastic... right... that's exactly what I ment... *coughs coughs*

So it's been another year since last Halloween show.. who would have thought. :D and it's been fantastic, thanks to all the lovely Minxettes moving their bones tonight. Let's take a glance, shall we?

First curtain belonged to the devilish siamese twins as we like to call them hence forth... Gal and Rug. Or Rug and Gal. One never knows who's the main head here or if they pull into different directions all individually. However, they DO know how to make a cheer, that rocks the graves. So our LGC cheerleaders here soon found themselves in company. 

Also, I just would like to mention that the tunes this night? WAY beyond cool. Red did a fantastic job, AGAIN, to dazzle us with her oh-so-well-picked intermission tunes to transit from one to the next performance. And now look at her - what a gorgeous appearance today!

Our second performer of the night was no other than Kismet, putting a spell on the audience and while it SEEMS harmless from the looks of things, those who know here also know that you cannot trust an innocent appearance.... *looks around* "All audience here with us still? Any sudden increase of toads in the room?"

This was just truely magical!

As was the next performance of Aelva, who took us to her little spider den.. But dont let yourself be fooled by the riches of decadent baroque decor.. this is no place to foolishly settle, it'll get you dissolved faster than you would think... ;)

Definitely time to check for missing neighbors now at your left and right side.. those cocoons likely werent empty..........

Looks like Red just about escaped getting woven in herself, unlike the poor guy 2m further towards stage... Now how good that the next performance of the night didnt target the audience, but had whole other plans.

It was my turn to move up into the spot light, and it was all about love potions and necromancy. Never pass on a chance to raise bones I say...

The lovely SexyS joined in as my anorexic counterpart for this set, and while from the looks of things not quite in the best state of health, there was still groove in those old bones... ;)

Halloween wouldnt be complete if there wasnt some madness involved. Which was brought in the next set, presented by the devil duo Rug and Gal once more. They took us to a trip to the Asylum. Or research lab? One does not quite know how they justify the ongoings. (However, they do need to take some lesson from Batman on hiding things - let me tell you, a large sheet does not do :D)

And last but not least, we have all girls of this evening combined in our closing number, which was nothing short of spectacular. This was a collaboration of Aelva, who created the choreography, and myself who added the stage and song. I may have had my hands in the costumes too, but that aside... ;) So the result was a charming sugar skull Can-Can-esque ensemble to the Archies "Sugar Sugar" in house remix - bling bling! :D

There's quite a few pictures of this so I'll just leave you for this post with those happy colors. Thank you to our fantastic audience this night, it's an honor to have you with us every month over again and we truely appreciate your patronage.

Looking forward to see you again next month when it's time for the Enchanted Lady Garden to open it's doors once more and take you Neverland to join the adventures of fairies, mermaids, pirates, and the lost boys...


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