Thursday, 23 April 2015

Year #5, Here We Come!

Today's the day! It's showtime! Come a bit early to the new location at Pegasoi/111/111/2222 to make sure all club rezzes in nicely for you before show starts. Looking forward to see you there!

And if you couldn't make it to the show, we have good news: Actual somewhat close-to-date pictures of the evening :)

But let's start with a quick glance at the new venue, shall we?

All these seats want to be sat on.. With at around 52 people this night, we didn't disappoint them. 
Of course we wanted to open with a big bang today - turns out, the bang was a bit too big and catapulted poor Red off the grid with a hard crash that forced a fairly heavy delay upon us and the patient audience. We'll be sure to have a backup plan ready next time - but for this month, we truely appreciate your patience and are happy you stuck with us to sit it out :) And the Minxettes surely did not disappoint once curtain opened!

Welcome to the Moulin Rouge!
This night's opening number brought all the girls right on stage for a preview of the sights that were to come: Kismet, Rug, Red, Diddy, Diawa, Gal and myself happily shaked all assets to famous "Moulin Rouge".

Next up was Diddy who brought us vacation feelings with Santana's "Maria, Maria" in this charming group choreo. I certainly needed that after the hectic start, thanks for taking us there Diddy ;)

Sorry again for my failure on the music-backstage part, Gal. It's fixed now so no more "Damn I missed it".

3rd curtain brought us a bit of "Controversy" - and who else could be so charmingly multiple-personality-disordered other than Diawa. ;D This number had a lot of special effects in stock that we so love her for!

There was something about that Kool-Aid...
Oh.. yeah right... it makes you do things!
I've seen this number a long while back in pre-stage stage while hanging out at the old building plattform with Di and Chopsy - so seeing it with all the flashy background effects now for our anniversary show was fantastic! Thanks Di <3

And straight after we were graced with another eye sight arranged by Rug and Gal. "Puttin' on the Ritz" just always rocks again - well... electro-swings, I mean. ;)

We've seen this charming group number a year ago or two even, but you could tell that a lot of work had gone into it since the second the curtain opened. The Ritz got some renovation it seems and, more so then ever, welcomed the audience with most gorgeous art deco glamor.

Oops... birthday surprise!
Thank you both for being who you are - I would have most definitely not survived the past year without you two, and who knows, LGC may not have had either. Thank you for that with all my heart!

The next curtain would bring us another very special girl - after rubbing the bottle, that is. Kismet poofed and swirled through this Arabian desert with magic and glamor that can't be described in words really.. So I'll leave you with the images instead!

Pretty sure whoever found that Genie will be quite pleased ;)

Thanks for being with us, Kismet, and for being so horribly organized and reliable! I am looking forward the next year and hopefully that after that and after that and after that together :D

For the final curtain of the night, I had to get my ass back out again too. In light of the happy celebration, I was digging out my very first act at LGC back in October 2011, and gave it some shiney new 2015 magic. So "My Lovin'" was a much easier coordinated move as it had been back in the days where everybody needed to press buttons in a somewhat timed manner.... I love the new age!

I borrowed me some Red for this, who has been one of the people I've known longest in my SL. I am so happy you joined us in this venture - thanks for being who you are and all the effort you put into the things you do. <3

So as a recap, 4 years on the grid is quite the achievement! I am so proud of you Minxettes!!! Even if i can't take credit for all 4 of those, everybody involved in these years left a footprint and has ensured Lady Garden Cabaret is what it is today.

Thanks a lot to those girls back in 2011 who captivated me in audience up to the point I couldn't stay in my seat anymore! Thanks to everybody part of the troupe ever since, all your talent and all the group routines. A very special thanks to both girls and patrons who helped us get through this very rough last year, making sure we kept LGC alive in the old location. And now a big welcome to everybody joining us in our future endeavors to make it through the next year and those years to come. You all rock, and SL would not be the same without your creativity.

Love and Kisses,

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