Thursday, 23 April 2015

Will you be my Valentine...?

We do the lovey-dovey stuff.. more litterally than you would think, thanks to Rug and Gal. What that means? Well stay tuned for pictures soon to come. (Soon Soon Soon TM)

I have a back-log of pictures sitting on my drive still, so dont blame me that I started with the show easiest to handle. Valentines! So better late than never, here a recap on this short but super sweet show. <3

Starting into the night we had some Swan Lake opening number, as only our crazy duo Rug & Gal can come up with. LOVED this!! Classic meets hip-hop, and oh those Minxettes groved both so well!

Next up was our very own and lovely Miss SexyS, who brought some cigars, cigarettes to the stage.

This must have been one of my favorite sets of hers, although, as I hear, supposingly it's a very old one... absolutely love the simplicity of this and the silhouettes/light effect is just stunning! Thanks for putting it up that night S, and I don't care how old you say it is, I'd totally love to see this again some day. :D

"Cigars, Cigarettes... more cigars for extra charge."
"Ooops was that a wrong step now or not?"

Our next number was sure one for the guys. Kismet brought us a very classy and damn hot stripping number to stage today - sure she found a lot of Valentines after this. And again, I love the stage, it's just flawless in every aspect!

Thanks for forcing yourself out of bed today, I know you weren't feeling well at all so it's even more apprecitate you didn't skip and even put up with the SL obstacles like a pro.

"E voila, want to take a closer look?"

And to wrap this up, I had to draw some attention to the fact that Gargoyles need some lovin', too. This set was one of those spurs of a moment, inspired by my fantastic and awesome hot BBQ chicken wings from a special friend. ;)

I borrowed me a SexyS and Babypea for some claws, fangs and shadows in the back - the only thing to make this even more fun would likely be a whole audience turning to the full moon.... well maybe next time ;)

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