Friday, 28 November 2014

Can't keep us down!

It's been quite some time since my last post. Unfortuantely we've run into some unforseen extended summer break, so there was quite a bit to sort out in the past months. Long things short: Chopsy has gone MIA and we've been quite shaken on what to do with the club and tier, so eventually we came to the conclusion to just keep it running to the best we can. More on that later, eventually.

However, here's finally the pictures of our first "after-pause" show on October 3rd! Please forgive me, I can't find the song lists anymore so this post is a slow-and-steady retrieval of the songs  everybody used. Will keep it updated as they trickle in, very sorry for that!

Opening up was Diawa with this very Circus-esque number for "The Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson - and flawless choreo, as ever.

You can run, but you can't hide!
Next up was BabyPea - what started all black and white was soon to pop out of the screen into a classy red piece of burlesque treasure.  Thanks so much for the eye-candy, Miss von Phoenix! :)

Now what's that going to be?
Yummy BabyPeas!
Following up were Gal and Rug with their tantalizing ribbon particles to "True Colors" - I am super happy you girls did this one again, it's giving me goose bumps every time I see it!!

Soft pinks this time!
Nothing like bombing the audience with colors - wheeeeeee!
Next up was Rina with Rob Zombie's "Pussy Liquore" (it does help when the set tells you what song it was).
There comes the fog
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Followed up by SexyS "The Kitty" Quintessa - damn, woman, what a stage!! This has been beyond amazing. The song was something about kitties.. go figure. I could hum you the tune but don't nail me down on trying to recall who sang it... *hides* I'll promise, I'll do better on the next post again.

Chase the Kitty!
Does this need any words, really?
Eventually I had to move my own pixely ass up to stage. This was a revamped set from earlier the past year(s), "Dilruba", taking you along for a bit of mythology. Everything was of course fancier this time, with more movement (yay movers!) and more particles and more attachments (yay gacha curse).

Kali's Dance

And then there was of course my lovely fire demons! Thanks to Karissa, Diawa and Jena for jumping in the flames for me!

Into the Depths of the Fire Pits.....
Closing the Show was BabyPea once more with this very Jazz-Inspired group number. Thanks for adding it, Baby, the stage looked amazing and what a flashy way to end an evening!

Lean back, honey, it's after work party time!

I would like to give my very very special thanks to all who performed tonight, and the very generous donations you all gave towards LGC tier.

We do hope that we can continue to keep LGC open with all of your help, so thanks again for coming to watch the shows and your much appreciated tips, and most of all, you fanstastic bunch of Minxettes for performing and staying true to LGC <3

Love and Kisses,

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