Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Abundance of belated goodies for the eye... Kicking off with Junes show...

Delayed yet as ever..Delicious.. I finally bring forth to you... the show pics.. after much poking and prodding I had to get them done.. plus it is Christmas.. so gifts all round.. ta daaah!
first off I shall commence proceedings with Junes offerings... forgive me with order for this post as its truly gone from my memory who went when etc, spankings as ever can be given after the show..

First up to the plate was Rugs group set of delightful flappery, with a tasty peppering of Minxettes as its in ingredients you cant go wrong! To the tune of Puttin' on the Ritz, it was simply fab..

All hail to the titty gods..

Then what appeared to be an oasis in our midst floated into view... through the steam and mirage shimmer we could see.....
LGC doubles up as a sauna in those chilly months...
Like Aphrodite herself she lured us in...
Our juicy Jena! She wowed us utterly with this beautiful set, and the song choice, Sisters of Mercy with Temple of Love, worked so well in contrast.. really nice job missy!!

Your masseuse for the day sir..

Then we have the curvaceous.. the creative.. the darn right cute.. yet terribly kinky... Chandra.. with one helluva set! Starting out with a simple chair that morphed into amazing glimpses of goodness.. chained to her stage she danced her way through Depech Modes "In  your room" which fitted perfectly..

CCChandra in CCChains!
Pop a penny in the slot and see what she does...
With a chain dance pole fading into the second half after cutting loose the chains it was a superb ending to a great set..

Just too cool..


Then it was my turn.. ye olde Chopsy B made her entrance on a giants record player.. as a teeny little rockabilly gal sway her thang to some Alex Kingston.. with a little Velvet Elvis...

Them are some big ass headphones woman!
Gotta love Elvis..
How I managed to stay on that in THOSE heels I'll never know! Love that song.. have a listen to the lyrics sometime.. tis naughty!!

Our newest recruit Dia hit the stage next with a beautiful set.. so much to look at and she stripped like a pro! excellent way to pop your stage cherry my lovely :)


Im smacking my head trying to remember the song for this but it evades me.. so watch his space for that info.. it was a good one.. I remember that much..

Now I'm sure we had some others on the night but these are the only pics I have so if you performed and are not mentioned please kick me to amend this for you..

The groups were great this week, this one tickled me pink making it, I think a total of 2 days were spent spinning.. quite an experience.. with an appearance from QT as her giant self to come and turn us on.. we washed and foamed our way through the Sugababes "Round Round".. very apt don't you think...

The smalls were getting out of hand...
Its the ONLY way to get a Minxette clean I tell ya!
So.. there we have Junes show.. all be it at least a large chunk of it, thankfully Chandra is there to document these events as were all too busy finding our knickers and things to snap away like she can.. many many thanks to you Miss C :)

How the Minxette should look after a damn good show..

As always thanks to all the girls who collaborate to make these shows happen, and especially thanks to the guests on the night, the crowds are growing with some ferocity.. this must mean you like it *winks*

With Love
Chopsy xx

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  1. omg i think i just fainted when seeing a post :D and then when i got back conscious to read it, died laughing.
    wonderful - you killed me :O guess who'll take pictures now.... *passes the ghostly camera to chopsy*